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Grace Shelmerdine

Grace lives and breathes fitness and has tried and tested it all! In 2014 Grace successfully competed in 9 bodybuilding competitions and was awarded 2nd place in the WFF World Champions. Although Grace loved the challenge and determination that being a competitive athlete brought, she now has a new focus! Grace is a new mum, her baby boy Chase turns 1 in April 2017. As other fit-mammas can surely relate, this has absolutely changed her world! Grace still works full time now online and is always chasing the next business goal, she loves being able to reach out to other new mums and educate them on how to find BALANCE. This is what she is now all about! Showing other woman what they can achieve both physically and mentally with the right steps in place anything is possible! The ultimate goal is to feel comfortable on your own skin, and she is on a mission to make this possible for everyone, no matter what their age, job or background, it can be done!

Follow Grace on IG to find out more about her journey: @grace_powerfit, also watch her new YouTube series “ASK GRACE” with new videos being uploaded weekly: YouTube Channel: Grace PowerFit.

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