3 Happy Way Valentine's Day Recipes For All Sorts Of Love Stories

3 Happy Way Valentine's Day Recipes For All Sorts Of Love Stories

Whether you are looking forward to Valentine’s Day or Galentine’s Day with your favourite gal pals, whatever February 14th has in store for you, we hope it’s filled with the kind of sugar high your heart truly deserves. Nope, we’re not talking about a heart shaped box and calories as empty as your ex’s heart. We’re talking about finger licking, wickedly delicious flavour which will satisfy both your taste buds and myocardium. Because let’s be honest, the last thing your heart is looking for is refined sugar and additives as addictive as messaging your ex on a Saturday night. This Valentine’s Day, give the gift of flavour and health with these yummy and equally clean desserts. And for all the lovers, we celebrate you too with a chocolate thick shake made for sharing (just this once).

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For the broken hearted

Choc Peanut Butter Fudge Balls

If Valentine’s Day is a painful reminder of a love lost, then these Happy Way Choc Peanut Butter Fudge Balls are the cure. With flavour so indulgent and delicious, you won’t be able to stop at just one, or five for that matter. But we totally approve, because a Bridget Jones’s Diary session and these yummy treats are sure to mend any broken heart. Packed full of antioxidant rich cacao, these treats will enhance your mood in next to no time. So get to mixing, rolling and setting up a Netflix night Happy Way style.


1 cup of dates – soaked

1 cup of cashew nuts – meal

1 scoop of the Happy Way Choc Peanut Butter Protein Powder

1 tbsp. of The Happy Way Cacao

1 tbsp. of peanut butter

A dash of water if required


Combine all the ingredients in a high-powered blender or food processor and blend until well combined. Roll tablespoon amounts of mixture into balls and place into the fridge to set for approx. 30mins. Take out of the fridge and neatly place onto a heart shaped platter. Eat one at a time while watching your favourite romp com sans the guilt.


For the lovers

A Thick shake worth sharing

Nothing says, “I love you” quite like whipping up your loved one a delicious cookies and cream thick shake. Forget date night at your local dessert place surrounded by the nervous energy of a thousand first dates and instead create romance right in the comfort of your own home. While this Instagram-worthy recipe looks difficult to make, don’t be fooled. It will take you less than five minutes to create and impress your loved one. Minimum effort for all the praise.


2-4 Oreo biscuits 

1 scoop of the Triple Choc Fudge Protein Powder 

1 cup of milk of choice 

1 scoop of the Vanilla Ice-Cream 

Ice Ice baby (not the song, the frozen kind).


Add the protein powder, milk and ice cream into a high-powered blender and blend until smooth and creamy. Pour into a glass jar and prepare to use your decorating skills. Top with whipped cream and Oreo biscuits for a dessert even your reluctant Instagram boyfriend will want to post. Once complete, make a second because romance aside, this kind of flavour is not made for sharing.

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For Galentine’s Day

In case you needed a little refresher, Galentine's Day is a day spent celebrating your best friend or girl gang and what better way to say, “I love you BFF” than with ridiculously delicious hand made chocolate. And not just any regular chocolate packed full of the artificial kind of stuff, no!  We’re talking about an all-natural approach to celebrating your single-status. So forget a night spent swiping right and instead spend the night making Happy Way chocolate bark.


1/3 cup of coconut oil

1/3 cup of the Happy Way Cacao Powder 

1 scoop of Happy Way Choc Protein Powder

Goji berries crushed nuts & shredded coconut to decorate 

1-tablespoon maple syrup (optional) 


Melt the coconut oil and mix in all powders. Pour chocolate mix onto a lined baking tray and top with Goji berries, nuts & shredded coconut. Pop in the freezer to set. Play “Single Ladies” while you wait for the chocolate to set. Once is as solid as your friendship, hand your bestie a love shaped hammer and shatter the chocolate into bite size pieces.

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