Here is the thing about tea, it’s not just destined for a life of Sunday brunches and finger foods or as the runner up choice when you have run out of your last coffee pod, no. Invest in the right blend and a good cup of tea can help put you to sleep after a stressful day, can help boost your energy levels when you’re feeling flat, or can help you fill Zen even in the midst of the biggest (work) storms. And when it’s not busy fixing your bay day or keeping you warm on a cold winters night, tea is busy delivering radical fighting antioxidants to your body. Pretty hard working we would say. 

Here is the even better news. When it comes to tea, pouring hot water over your favourite mix of herbs and spices is just one of the many ways you can cleanse your mind, body and soul. But if you are looking to rekindle your love affair with some wickedly delicious and powerful dry superfoods, – here are a few fun things to try (swimming in it included).


4 fun ways to use tea - including swimming in it! (1)

Make pretty mocktails 

Hosting a party? Why not serve up delicious ice tea that will not only look Instagram worthy and provide all the taste, but best of all, it will leave your guests feeling nourished and hydrated. The fact that they will wake up without a headache the following day will only add brownie points to your party hosting skills.

Simply pour hot water over your favourite mixture. We suggest the energy booster for parties. We would hate to put your guests to sleep. Let the mixture cool down and leave it in your fridge overnight. On the side, add some blueberries or raspberries into your ice tray and make some pretty ice cubes.

Perfect for baby showers, kitchen teas and as an alcohol free alternative for your health conscious guests.


4 fun ways to use tea - including swimming in it! (2)


Hydrate with iced tea

If you are not fond of water and keeping hydrated is a never-ending battle, why not swap out a few glasses of water with iced tea. Again, let it cool down before you place it in the fridge overnight. Swap it out for your morning coffee and start your day feeling fresh and focused.

Not sure where to start? We have simplified the process for you. No need to decide between hundreds of flavours. Our WAKE HAPPY tea is the natural choice.


4 fun ways to use tea - including swimming in it! (3)


Soak in it 

Yes, we really mean soak in it. When you can’t escape to sunny Byron Bay or to your favourite spa, why not bring the feeling of zen into your very own home by running a bath and adding your favourite tea blend into it. Not only will it look pretty, it will deliver all the benefits of drinking tea, twofold. Since our skin is the largest organ in the body, a tea bath will allow the body to absorb all the nutrients quicker than drinking it. Not only will you finish your bath feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, your skin will also enjoy all the detoxifying and soothing benefits.

We suggest our REST HAPPY TEA. Because sometimes all a girl really needs is a good night’s sleep.


4 fun ways to use tea - including swimming in it! (4)


Make a natural toner 

Looking to simplify your beauty routine or add some natural remedies into your repertoire? Then why not make your own tea-based toner. Green tea has been used for its healing and antioxidant properties for centuries, so it was only a matter of time before beauticians and beauty bloggers began using it on their skin. Containing polyphenols, green tea is said to aid the skins detoxification process, tighten pores and help add radiance to a dull complexion.

Brew your green tea in a 250ml cup and let it cool down. Once it has cooled down, add a few drops of witch hazel or tea tree oil and mix. Transfer your mixture into an airtight container and or spray bottle and use as required.

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