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A day in the life and on a plate of model Jessica Dover

Beauty and brains, once reserved as a cliché for Instagram quotes, is arguably the only way to introduce Australia’s freshest face to watch, Jessica Dover. The rising model, influencer and teacher has been steadily growing her brand since first appearing on Channel 7’s House Rules with partner Jared Petrenko last year. And not one to rest on the steady flow of event invitations that would have ensued, Jessica has taken every opportunity given to grow an increasingly present and endearing personal brand. Featured in campaigns for a plethora of designer brands and labels, this hard worker has hit the ground running.

Now when we say running, we mean running. Asking Jessica to complete a ‘Day in the life’ feature was never going to be an easy task. The question that ensued was which day to discuss. Should it be the long days spent on set, the days spent running around from one meeting to the next or the rare day that Jessica gets to glam up and enjoy a fabulous event. A true testament of what it means to grow a personal brand in the digital age, Jess is both hard working and charming giving her time to anyone that asks. The very qualities that have landed her a finalist spot in the running of Miss Universe Australia.

So in the midst of the work storm, we asked Jess to share one of her days with us. To all the aspiring movers and shakers – enjoy. 

I usually wake up: Between 6.30-7am most mornings even weekends unfortunately haha! 

The first thing I do when I wake up is: pat my dog (he’s usually sitting next to the bed waiting not so patiently for attention)



To get inspired for the day I: I know this sounds a bit cheesy but I think about all the things I have to look forward to. Whether that’s dinner that night with the girls or an event on the weekend! It definitely keeps me motivated!

My morning soundtrack consists of: Old School RnB

Beauty routine goes like: I’ll wash my face, moisturise, apply a natural oil to my face if I wake up feeling dry (my skin get's very dry easily) and then I will apply some makeup if I’m heading to work or an event. If not I’ll avoid wearing makeup if I don’t have to! I love being makeup free!



My go-to breakfast: My breakfast is so unadventurous. I envy all of those people who make amazing colourful breakfasts! I’m a Vegemite on Soy Lin Toast kind of girl (and don’t be fooled by the name of the bread it sounds fancy but it’s really not haha I’m pretty basic). On the days I am adventurous (look out) I’ll make a coffee, banana smoothie, using Happy Way of course! I absolutely love the coffee protein powder!



Coffee looks like: Soy flat white with chocolate on top. So pretty much a cappuccino but I don’t like the froth-just to be difficult... haha 

I never leave the house without: My Phone and a water bottle (which I usually forget to fill up half the time).

My first appointment for the day is usually: This will definitely depend on the day, but if it’s a teaching day I’ll head straight into school and generally chat with other teachers to get a gauge on the teaching outcomes and objectives for the day. Given that I am relief teaching at the moment it means I’m in a new classroom every time I teach, so it’s important to get up to date with their schedule before I start the day.

Next stop: KX Pilates!



To keep motivated throughout the day I: I drink lots of water- I feel a lot more refreshed and less clouded if I’m hydrated. Starting the day off with exercise is my number one motivator so will always try to squeeze it in if I can!

My go to lunch spot in Adelaide is: Bowlsome at Henley

I will usually order: the braised beef salad bowl!

My next appointment is usually: Technically it’s not a meeting but it feels like it as I’m back and forth with my agency about any upcoming or current jobs almost every day! But they’re amazing so I love it!

If I need a healthy snack I reach for: Chocolate protein bar/ball or Chobani Fit yoghurt.

My go-to exercise class in Adelaide: KX Pilates Glenelg and Glenelg F45



To wind down I: Watch Netflix- Usually something trashy that I don’t need to think too much about

My signature dish is: Look I’ll be honest I’m not the best cook- my go to is Mexican Chicken Wraps.

My guilty indulgence: Dairy Milk chocolate for sure!

My current Instagram stalks are: Oooh good question! To be honest it’s a lot of home decor (interior and exterior) accounts at the moment. But I always love stalking Elyse Knowles as she's a bit of everything! I’m also following the Miss Universe Australia account pretty closely at the moment- I love seeing what all the other National finalists are up to! They motivate me!

My evening beauty routine consist off: Ensuring all makeup is off my face with a cleanser (nothing fancy usually cetaphil), heavily moisturise my skin (as I mentioned I get very dry skin), brush my teeth and floss (I know who has time for flossing right? But a recent trip to the dentist educated me a lot on it and now I’m obsessed with flossing haha).

Currently reading: To be honest, I’m not a big reader- it’s my goal to change this in the future!

The last thing I do before I go to bed: Scroll through social media- for a change haha

Life motto: More of a quote but it gives me a lot of motivation to be the best person I possibly can “If the world was blind how many people would you impress?”


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