A day in the life and on a plate of Rachel Dillon

A day in the life and on a plate of Rachel Dillon

Ever wondered what it takes to be at the helm of one of Australia’s biggest fitness empires? We did, so we turned to Happy Way ambassador and fitness queen Rachel Dillon to share her day. As the force behind Bodies by Rachel, she has helped transform thousands of lives and mindsets. Formulating a program, which focuses on accountability and goal tracking as much as the final result, she has helped women turn fitness from a chore into a way of life. And when she is not busy expanding her formidable business, whether that be through a new program, new product or a national tour, she is building on her enviable social media following, a platform she used to communicate and connect with her loyal followers on the daily. So what does it take to become a two-time WBFF Bikini World Champion and fitness entrepreneur? Well you can bet it takes precision like preparation, planning and a nutritional plan to match. But we will let Rachael share the rest with you.

Enjoy X 

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Name: Rachel Dillon

But my friends call me: Rach

My view as I write this: My BBR office!

I am known for: helping females to achieve their health and fitness goals through Bodies By Rachel.

But if I weren’t working in fitness I would be: Tough question! Before starting my fitness journey, I completed a Business Degree and was working at a law firm. My passion had always been fitness, so I had to find a way to build my career around it!

My alarm is always set for: My alarm is my puppy! She wakes me up every morning :)

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The first thing I do when I wake up is: Plan my day with a cup of coffee!

My go to morning exercise:  I workout at the gym most days, so it depends what’s on my program. Probably glutes! Lol. 

Breakfast usually looks like:  Wholegrain toast with almond butter + honey (the best combo!), egg whites, and a Happy Way shake!

My protein smoothie always consists of: Chocolate  or Vanilla Happy Way, frozen berries, almond butter, ice, water :)


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I never leave the house without: My gym bag! 

My first appointment for the day is usually: My morning coffee!

Next stop: The gym, then I walk my dog.

To keep motivated throughout the day I: Look at my client journey’s in my Facebook forum. These girls always inspire me!

My go to lunch spot is: I don’t eat lunch out very often! My go-to lunch lately has been protein pasta. It's so yummy! 

If I need a healthy snack I reach for: Nature’s Valley Oat Bar!

My last appointment for the day is: Reviewing my list for the day. 

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My favourite exercise is: Hip thrusts.

But my most dreaded exercise is: Deadlifts.

When not in the gym, you will find me: In my office!

My go to gym playlist consists of: Post Malone is my fave!

My dinner on a plate: Salmon, rice, veggies. 

To wind down at home I: Watch TV

My guilty pleasure is: DONUTS!

Currently reading: I’m actually looking for a good read. Any recommendations?

The last thing I watched on Netflix: Animal Kingdom

Three people I am currently stalking on Instagram: Kylie Kardashian (guilty!), The Ace Family, Bodies By Rachel.

The last thing I do before I go to bed: Say goodnight to my partner and puppy!

Life motto: If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you. 

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