In the spirit of being honest with our community, we’re here today to let you know that a few of our products are about to go through a slight price increase, effective June 30, 2022. We understand that even the smallest price increase on your daily staples can impact you and your lifestyle, so we’re giving you the option to beat the increase. 


If you’re a loyal Happy Way-er and want to avoid the price increase, we’re stoked to provide you with two happy options.

  1. Make a purchase before June 30th 2022 and pay our original prices on your Happy Way haul.
  2. Subscribe to our auto-replenishment program before June 30th 2022 and get 15% OFF our original prices of protein (plus everything else), ongoing!

Ok, so now we’ve shared our price increase loophole, let us explain why this is happening.


When we launched Happy Way back in 2015, our goal was to create healthy supplements for women that…

  • were 100% natural and made with the highest quality ingredients
  • tasted delicious, were easy to use and nourished the body front the inside out
  • put the FUN back into health and wellness

Delivering a premium customer experience was also a top priority, and not only did we want to provide you with the tools to help you live life to the fullest, but we considered it a privilege to be a part of your daily routine—we still do.

However, as we’ve grown and the brand has evolved, other factors have come into consideration and become part of our priority list—these include:-

  • improving sustainability across the brand, 
  • the change in the global market and 
  • overcoming freight and shipping challenges. 

From our humble beginnings, packing and delivering orders from our home kitchen, a lot has changed within Happy Way, but we’ve also experienced changes externally too. 

  • Freight/shipping costs/times
  • Price increases for quality ingredients
  • Supply chain challenges

Throughout these changes, we’ve remained committed to you—our community—but it’s for this reason that some of our prices will be going up. It’s only affecting a small part of our range, but it will allow us to continue to deliver the products you’ve grown to love and ensure they remain of the highest quality.


WHEY PROTEIN POWDER – $46.65 to $48.95
VEGAN PROTEIN POWDER – $46.65 to $47.95
*All other products remain the same. 

We’re so grateful for your ongoing support, loyalty and love for us at Happy Way. Thank you so much for inviting us into your kitchen, and for allowing us to be a part of your health & wellness journey. 

Ok, time for a smoothie—don’t forget to live life the Happy Way!

Ben & Hien xx

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