As one of our original ambassadors, Ashy Bines has long been part of the Happy Way family. A source of inspiration for Happy Way co-founders Ben and Hien, Ashy embodies the very principles that the brand was built on. An ethos based on being real, being vulnerable, working hard and showing that we all have a superwoman waiting to be unlocked within us. We spent a hot minute with Ashy to find out what being a Happy Way ambassador means to her. Naturally we just had to ask her to share her signature smoothie recipes and to disclose what Happy Way protein powder takes centre stage in her pantry.  
You’re welcome ladies X

Ashy Bines shares her go-to Happy Way Smoothie recipes (1)

When did you become a Happy Way Ambassador?

Hien, the owner, had worked with the Ashy Bines Bikini Body Challenge for about 6 years and I always knew he had a great work ethic.  He was so amazing with his clients and really lived and breathed health and fitness. It was just this total passion. When you’re around him you can really feel that, you can see it and it’s absolutely contagious! So when he started Happy Way I was initially just a friend supporting him. I would just post to help his business grow because I had a following and I genuinely just fell in love with the products. They tasted amazing and the ingredients were all clean which was so important to me.  I felt comfortable giving them to my son Taj and it was just a natural flow coming together and working together on a more permanent basis. 

What do you love the most about being an ambassador?

I love representing and being a part of a company that truly embraces the same kind of values that I live. The Happy Way range is very clean, very natural and really delicious! So, as far as I’m concerned, I’m going to be using this product for the rest of my life because I’ve searched and nothing compares to Happy Way - it’s totally aligned with me.

Is there a certain level of responsibility that comes with this and how do you navigate around it?

I believe it is a huge responsibility which is why I’m so selective about who I collaborate with. I love Happy Way because I know exactly what is in the product. I know that it’s healthy. I know that it’s organic. I know that it’s natural and I know that it tastes good. So I absolutely know everyone is going to love it! I feel most people trust what I say and it’s because I do my research with the brands I work with. I know the kind of quality products Happy Way produce and that’s why I’m so comfortable with sharing them with my following.

What is your go-to Happy Way Smoothie recipe? 
Ashy’s Caramel milkshake

Ashy Bines shares her go-to Happy Way Smoothie recipes (2)

Taj’s Chocolate Almond blend

  • 1 scoop of the Happy Way choc pea protein powder 
  • 1 cup of almond milk 
  • 1 frozen banana 
  • Half a zucchini. It’s so good for him – but I sneak it in so he has no idea it's there! 

What is the best time to have a protein shake and why is timing key?

If you are looking to gain muscle mass then you should be looking at how much protein you are consuming throughout the day. Depending on how often you exercise and what your overall goals are, the general rule of thumb to follow is consuming between 2 and 2.2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. If you are looking to repair your muscles post workout, then 30-60 minutes post workout is suggested.

We hate to play favourites, but what is your go-to Happy Way flavour? 

That's an easy one! The Cacao Mint Happy Way - because I absolutely love chocolate mint ice-cream and it’s totally a healthy replica of that. 

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