Protein is vital for tiny growing humans. Kids need even more protein per kilo than adults because they are rapidly developing and learning. Plus they need a tonne of energy to keep up with their buddies in mischief. That is where our healthy snack bars for kids come in handy. They are so many benefits! Here are the top five below.

1. Convenient

Our healthy snack bars are small and compact enough to put 1, 2 or 3 in your bag. Ready for your kids before they get too hungry and start chucking a dreaded tantrum, begging you to pull into Maccas. You can take them anywhere, even to mars! 

2. A super lunch box addition!
Add these healthy snacks for kids lunch boxes with fruit and a healthy wrap, and you’re all set. Most supermarket-bought snacks are packed full of preservatives, sugar, pesticides and yucky ingredients that do nothing to help sustain the energy of a child. But Happy Way knows the perfect healthy and nutritious ingredients your little one needs.

3. A natural protein kick!
Your kids need protein to thrive. Our healthy snack bars are packed with natural sources of protein from fruits and nuts to help your kids grow and have plenty of energy. Protein helps with building, maintaining and replacing tissues within the body. It also helps your kids keep fit and energised, making them to feel fuller for longer. The ingredients we use in our healthy snack bars are slow releasing energy foods, making their day run smoothly in comparison to sugary snacks that give an energy high but all end with a crash. 

4. Cost-effective
Happy Way’s kids snack bars are very cost effective and full of high-quality, organic ingredients. Standing at just $2.44 a serve they are more cost effective than buying many of the prepackaged protein bars, snacks or fast foods you would find elsewhere.

5. Natural
Our snack bars are made of 100% natural, healthy ingredients. So you can rest assured that you are filling your kids tummies with the good stuff. Our bars are vegan, dairy free, soy free, gluten free, nut free, plus you will be supporting an Aussie company with our bars that are 100% made in Australia. 


Have you tried our kids snack bars yet?
You can find our healthy snack bars here on our website. We have two yummy flavours that we have named Strawberry Whip,  Banana Bang and Apple Cinnamon.

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