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Maca powder health benefits

The maca powder health benefits simply put, are out of this world! It may be commonly referred to as a superfood and this is a great way to describe it. It can increase energy, endurance and stamina and can also help with stabilising hormone imbalances. It’s packed full of essential amino acids which are necessary to promote muscle growth and tissue repair.

Maca is grown in grasslands at high altitudes of 14,108 feet in the Northern Puna summit of Bolivia and Peru. These mountain based grasslands act as the perfect conditions to grow maca root.

Traditionally Maca root is harvested and then eaten raw, baked or boiled. When eaten like this, it is generally described to be deliciously spicy and a little sweet. It also can be dried out and then crushed into a powder that you can easily add to smoothies and oats, even your daily baking.

Maca Powder Health Benefits

1. Packed with loads of nutrients

One of the Maca powder health benefits is that it is packed with plenty of good nutrients. Some B vitamins, potassium, magnesium, iron, copper, zinc and calcium are all minerals contained within maca powder. It is also a great source of protein to add to your diet.

Just 5g of maca powder will provide you with 5% of the recommended daily intake of iron for a 19-50-year-old woman and also 10% RDI of copper which helps to release iron and creates haemoglobin that assists oxygen flow throughout your body. Copper also helps in producing both white and red blood cells, making it an essential vitamin to incorporate within your diet.

2. Maca contains a boost of antioxidants

Another one of the maca powder health benefits is that maca contains plenty of antioxidants. Antioxidants are like little Spartan or Amazonian warriors that fight against free radicals. When it comes to large quantities of free radicals being released into the body, it is usually the result of being exposed to polluted air, cigarettes, alcohol, stress, injury, the sun, radioactive materials or living an unhealthy lifestyle. Although it is impossible to stop all of the free radicals harming your body, you can use supplements that are packed with antioxidants to help you fight against them.

When you have too many free radicals running loose in your body and creating havoc, this can create inflammation. Inflammation has been linked with many degenerative and long-term diseases including cancer, diabetes, heart disease and arthritis. Inflammation, if not treated properly, can become a domino effect as more cells could potentially be damaged. By including maca powder in your healthy balanced diet along with plenty of exercise, you will be getting loads of antioxidants to help you fight those nasty free radicals.

maca powder benefits

3. Maca may help reduce altitude sickness

For those of you who are thinking about climbing a mountain anytime soon. Maca powder may help with illness caused by altitude, this is commonly used by Peruvians when travelling to the Andes summits. But best to start taking a daily serving every day for a month in advance to your mountain climbing adventures to get the best result!

4. Improved brain function

If you have a bit of brain fog or want to increase your cognitive performance, you may want to give maca powder a go. It has been said that one of the maca powder health benefits is that it can help with improving your brain function.

5. Maca powder may help to balance out hormones

Peruvian men and women use maca in their diet not only got the many maca powder health benefits stated above, but also to help balance out hormones. Because of many of our lifestyle choices and environmental factors, many people suffer from unbalanced hormones.

Unbalanced hormones can cause many symptoms including blurred vision, bloating, weight gain or loss, sleep deprivation, dry skin and rashes, excessive sweat, depression, anxiety, mood swings, headaches and infertility. Maca powder may be able to help relieve these symptoms by balancing out your hormones.

For women experiencing symptoms of menopause, hot flashes and PMS, Maca may be able to help with this too!

6.  Fertility, Sex drive and Maca

Maca is most commonly known to increase sex drive in both women and men. This is yet to be fully proven by science, but some studies that have taken place previously, have shown promising outcomes that it helps with sexual function and desire.

Because maca powder contains properties that help with balancing out hormones, it may be useful for those suffering from infertility. Though before adding this to your diet, check with a doctor first.

7. Could help give you additional protection from UV damage

With the Australian summer approaching, we all want to be able to get out into the sun without turning into a tomato, so we need all the help we can get to protect ourselves from those harmful UV rays. According to scientific studies, maca could be used to help prevent UV damage to your skin.

8. May benefit your skin and hair

Maca now comes in the form of moisturisers, hair products to help make your skin look healthy and hair shiny. Because it has protein, vitamins and loads of antioxidants, organic maca powder has the potential to become a rewarding part of your daily beauty routine. Although at Happy Way, we believe that the best way to look your best is to eat a healthy balanced diet with regular exercise.

At Happy Way, we are excited to announce our release of single ingredients packs including organic maca, cacao and acai powders. All three are packed with amazing benefits that will help you live life the Happy Way!

To get some inspiration for ways in which you can use these ingredients along with your whey protein powder  or vegan protein powder in your diet, check out our Pinterest or recipes pages. Additionally, if you would like to get to know fitness advice from our professional trainers or view our fun cookbook series, subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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