Looking for a few easy and simple changes you can make around the home that will have a positive impact on you and Mother Nature this year? Well, we're here to help! We've teamed up with ENJO Australia to create some healthy habits for you to implement at home and to help you kick start 2022 the right way.

Ready to make some positive change in your day-to-day? Check out our 5 tips below.

1. Add a step before meal prep


Do you know what nasty pesticides and chemicals are coating your fruit and veggies? Even if you buy organic, most produce is covered in dirt and unwanted germs. Remove dirt and residues from fruit and vegetables quickly and easily with a fruit and veg cloth. ENJO’s Fruit & Veg Cloth has a rough side to loosen, lift and remove pesticides, preservatives and wax from your fresh produce, and a smooth side for clean eating every time. So, whether you’re making a yummy Happy Way smoothie or prepping your meals for the week, it’s an important step to ensure clean eating!

2. Ditch nasty chemicals throughout the heart of your home


Let’s start in the heart of the home, your kitchen. It seems a bit backwards that we prepare delicious, healthy food on surfaces that are covered in chemical residue. Well, now there’s no reason to continue to do so when it’s so easy to clean with ENJO’s fibre and water cleaning products. The ENJO Kitchen Allpurpose Cloth will become your best friend in the kitchen for a quick, easy chemical-free cleanup. You can use it just like a conventional dishcloth, with the peace of mind that your surfaces are cleaned safely. 

The super absorbent Kitchen Miracle finishes the job because a dry surface will prevent the growth of bacteria. Aside from the health benefits, cleaning your kitchen with chemical-free cleaning products will not only be good for the environment, but it will also save you a heap next time you visit the supermarket as you won’t be adding cleaning products to your shopping list.

Sceptical of the power of water and fibre? Learn how ENJO leaves surfaces 6 x cleaner than conventional cleaning. Trust us, next time you’re baking your favourite healthy treat, these are a must-have to clean up the mess!

3. Real cleaning power in your shower—and the rest of your bathroom


The bathroom should be the place of zen vibes and relaxation—yet it’s usually where the harshest chemicals are used within the home to keep it ultra-clean. Those who use conventional cleaners will generally pour more and more product onto dirty stains and surfaces, in an attempt to remove all the build-up and bacteria. This leaves harmful fumes in the air and residue on surfaces.

You can breathe easy when you use ENJO’s bathroom range to keep it shiny and sparkling—and if your bathroom looks a bit worse for wear, don’t fret because ENJO has additional helpers made from plant sources to assist with bathroom grime.

4. Don’t forget your floors


Ahhh floors—all we do is step on them day in and day out. But nothing feels better than walking into a home with fresh floors. Having clean, dust-free floors also plays a huge role in maintaining good indoor air quality.

Dust and allergens have a big impact on a home’s indoor air quality, which makes the ENJO Dust Floor Fibre and Floorcleaner a must-have for all homes—especially households with asthma and allergy sufferers or families with pets.

The unique weave of the fibre works to attract and trap dust and loose hair, which actually removes it from the floor instead of just moving it around as with a lot of other mops and floor cleaners. When you follow this up with a Floor Fibre, your floors will be safe from all the nasties that are picked up from outside and walked into your home. This is especially important when you have kids or pets that spend a lot of time playing and crawling around on the ground.

5. Revamp your skincare routine


Last but not least, and in fact considered one of the most important changes, is refreshing your skincare routine and eliminating chemicals/waste. This can be as simple as the way you remove your makeup. At the moment, we’re loving the reusable makeup removers from Santé by ENJO. Not only are they better for the planet, but they’re also much better for your skin. Simply wet one of these underwater and you can use it to easily remove your entire face of makeup! Your skin is the largest organ in your body so we need to ensure we’re treating it with the care and attention it deserves.

So, there it is! 5 easy changes you can make today. At Happy Way, we know the importance of making simple switches for a healthier way of living and how these can have an effect on your well-being. Making some small changes to your daily routine and choosing clean, environmentally friendly products can have a huge impact and make you and your family feel AH-MAZING!

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