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Organic Raw Cacao Powder (500g)

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So, you’ve reduced your sugar intake and are in need of something organic and satisfying to steer you through the afternoons.

Perhaps you’re also in need of something to give you an energy boost?

We’ve got you sorted.

Happy Way’s Organic Raw Cacao Powder is one of the best food sources for magnesium, which can boost energy and brain function. PLUS, it’s bursting with antioxidants, which are necessary for a healthy heart.

Raw Organic Cacao Powder is the purest chocolate powder available as it is minimally processed. Organic Raw Cacao Powder has nutritional benefits and has been used by various cultures for thousands of years as a means to increase stamina and suppress hunger during long hunts.


Cacao is packed with flavonoids, which are part of the polyphenol antioxidants family.

Flavonoids look after the body's cardiovascular system and may help in reducing the risk of stroke, asthma, cancer and heart disease.

You can find approximately 43.6 milligrams of flavonoids for each gram of cacao.

Cacao is filled with antioxidants, so it may help in decreasing the effects of aging.

To discover more information and benefits of our Organic Raw Cacao Powder, visit our blog.


Organic Raw Cacao Powder

*Despite our best cleaning efforts this product may contain traces of milk, soy, tree nuts & peanuts because it shares manufacturing equipment with other products.