Triple Choc Fudge Hot Chocolate 

Let’s play word associations. We say winter, you say…hot chocolate.

When it comes to those rainy days and cold winter nights, nothing warms our bodies and minds like a delicious cup of hot chocolate. Now, beyond the warm goodness that fills our tummies hot chocolate is also shown to help alleviate the winter blues in a more chemical way. By helping boost our happy hormones, this cacao filled recipe is just what will help get you out of your cold morning slump. The added benefit of this recipe is a serious dose of Triple Chocolate Fudge protein powder which will not only assist in muscle repair and recovery but will also work to keep you warm from the inside out. Protein causes the greatest increase in heat production also known as “specific dynamic action”, SDA. That means that adding a scoop of protein into our morning hot chocolate will help boost your metabolism and in turn increase our body’s internal heat processes. But enough with the scientific stuff. We know we don’t need to twist your arms to whip up this delicious and equally healthy treat. 


Protein Scones to boost your energy levels

Nothing says winter like the smell of scones wafting through the house, but just in case you’re not a natural baker, we have come up with a simple recipe the entire family can make together. Now, when we say simple we mean business. This 4-ingredient recipe will form the perfect base for all your morning teas, brunches and lunches for weeks to come. Made with a healthy dose of protein, these scones will help promote satiety and will keep your energy levels nice and steady during those days you would rather be sitting by the fireplace than working. We love to have ours with jam and cream but you can top yours with whatever your heart desires, nutella included because we’re all about balance and treating yourself.


Protein pancakes for those mornings spent by the fireplace

Did you know that our bodies naturally crave more carbohydrates during winter? It’s not your mind playing tricks on you, it’s a matter of science. As we move into the cooler months and spend less time in the sun, our serotonin levels begin to naturally drop. This is when our body begins to search for serotonin from other sources such as food and there is no wild guess as to what helps boost our happy hormones and serotonin levels, carbohydrates. If you feel like you are eating more pasta and warm pastries during winter, this is the reason why. Now, there is nothing wrong with whipping up some warm pancakes during winter but we do suggest you add in some protein to the mix. This will help keep your blood sugar levels stable, leaving you with bounds of energy while also appeasing those happy hormones.


Warm spiced oats in less than 5 minutes

Nothing says winter quite like the smell of spiced oats and while the recipe can get a little complicated, we are here to help you recreate this winter staple in less than 5 minutes. With the addition of protein powder and almond butter, this is the kind of winter warmer that will satisfy the taste buds while helping you feel fuller for longer. The addition of cinnamon will also assist in improving sensitivity to the hormone insulin, further helping promote stable blood sugar levels. So swap out your usual cereal and toast for a hearty breakfast that will give you bounds of energy throughout the day. The fun part is that you can top and decorate it with all your favourite fruits. We suggest opting for Vitamin C rich options such as oranges, mandarins, berries, and kiwi fruit.




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