How many of you have made a New Year’s resolution to become fitter and stronger and the best possible version of yourself, only to see January disappear into the sunset at the blink of an eye. If that hits close to home, then a 6-Week Workout Challenge provides the perfect solution. Offering a clear road map, from start to finish, a workout challenge will help you get back on track and form new habits both at the gym and at home.  

If you have committed to the Happy Way 6-Week workout challenge, we applaud you. But before you hit play on that exercise Spotify list and start your first session, here are 7 thing you need to know to prepare for the challenge. 

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Find your ‘why’

If you have signed up to the Happy Way 6-Week Workout challenge, you have taken the first step towards a new and improved you. But if you really want to give yourself the best chance to complete the program with conviction, it’s essential to get to the ‘why’. Ask yourself what made you sign up and what you wish to accomplish. Perhaps it’s your first step towards becoming fitter, or maybe you’re looking to get back into your pre-festive season shape. Whatever your goals may be, make them clear and use them as a constant reminder throughout the challenge.  

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Get your workouts in order before you start

The Happy Way Workout Challenge has been designed with convenience in mind, which means you can complete each session in the comfort of your home, in a hotel room and even in your office. Once a new session has been released, you can go back to it and access it at any time. However, convenience also calls for discipline, which means you should be mapping out your workout sessions, making a plan and sticking to it. If you are a morning person, set that alarm 30 minutes earlier and complete your exercises before work. Schedule your sessions and treat them like an appointment you wouldn't miss. 


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Priorities yourself 

The minute you approach your workout sessions as ‘me time’ is the minute it will all fall into place. You wouldn’t bail on seeing a friend or a work meeting, so why bail on yourself. Once you have blocked off your exercise times, make them non-negotiable. Whether you are doing one round and need ten minutes or three rounds and need half an hour, treat each session as your sacred time. Dedicate a space where you can complete your challenges and let it inspire you. While you don’t need equipment to carry out your exercises, why not invest in an exercise matt to get you motivated. Don’t let yourself down. 

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Don’t go on a fad diet

In fact, don’t go on any diets. When it comes to completing your exercises, you don’t want to be running on empty. Fill your tank up and ensure that you have enough energy to last the distance. Instead of starving your body and cutting out entire food groups, choose to fuel it with clean and healthy foods instead. This means avoiding alcohol, refined sugars and processed foods instead opting for wholesome ingredients and plenty of colour. Beyond adding a bounce in your step, overhauling your pantry during a workout challenge also provides an excellent opportunity to form some good habits. If you have been planning on eating cleaner or drinking less then a workout challenge will help you stay on track. 

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Consider your supplements 

If you are new to fitness, then you may place protein powder in the same category as bodybuilding. However, contrary to popular perception, protein is important for anyone hitting the gym, exercising or wanting to maintain their weight. As a macronutrient, protein helps repair muscles, supports our immune systems and helps maintain healthy cell function. As the building block of life, adding protein into your fitness repertoire will not only help maximise your gains but will also ensure you minimise the effects of delayed onset muscle soreness. 



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Ask your girl gang to join the fun

If you have been considering asking your bestie or girl gang to join in on the fun, then here is a scientific reason to do so. Studies have shown that exercise is ‘socially contagious’. A study published by Nature Communications in 2017 has found that exercise partners not only helped keep people committed but also increased the intensity of each session. So buddy up, make your intentions clear, and keep each other accountable. It will be fun, and the results will be worth it, we promise! 

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Enjoy the journey as much as the destination

The Happy Way 6-Week Workout Challenge is as much about becoming fit as it is about forming a healthy relationship with exercise. It means commitment and accountability as much as it means loving yourself and the journey. If you miss one scheduled session, just jump back into your routine. If you have a cheat meal with friends, continue with your clean eating after that. Remember, the only person you are competing with is yourself and no one else. Take the journey at your own pace, have fun during the sessions, amp up that background music, and we will see you on the other side! 

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