If you live in Adelaide and love the benefits that come with practicing yoga, then the name Bianca Zara needs no introduction. But for our extended HAPPY WAY family, let us familiarise you to the name which has been helping spread the benefits of yoga and meditation for the better part of the decade. If not through one of her sought after classes, then via her awe inspiring Instagram page.

While Bianca started her official training in Bikram, yin & advanced yin, philosophy and meditation in 2014, she has been attached to her yoga mat since her teens. With an appreciation for the earth and connecting with the elements around her on a deeper level, Bianca has longer turned to Yoga as a grounding force in her life. She attributes the practice for teaching her the essence of love, a message she works to spread during one of her many sought after classes. 

If you have been considering taking a yoga class but are tinkering on the edge, here are a few reasons you may consider.

Bianca Zara Makes A Case For Yoga (1)

1: Yoga has provided me with such wonderful communities to be apart of. Communities that support each other’s highest good. Communities that illuminate positivity and endless amounts of love for everyone. 
2: Yoga provides me with not only the physical tools but also the mental tools to deal with life's ups and downs with grace. Yoga is a practice of better understanding your thought processes and finding out you have the power to choose how you feel and react. Yoga reminds you to breath.... especially when you need it most.
3: Yoga has provided me a sense of freedom from anything external and when I practice it is a connection of both body and breath coming together in effortless union. It’s an opportunity for my body to talk and my mind just to listen. 
4: Has helped me get present. Most of us spend the majority of our time thinking and worrying/ planning about the past or what’s to come in the future or even just checking out completely into the land of stimulus from technology. Yoga allows you to unplug, to check back in with were your really at in your body and in your life right now. It’s an act of self love.  
5: Yoga connects me to the divine. Knowing that behind our images, our personalities, our experiences, or likes and dislikes and even our beliefs there is this beautiful divine light apart of us all. This light is everlasting. 
As I have lost loved ones it brought me even closer to my teachings as a way of dealing with the loss. How even though they were no longer tangibly with me, our connection was boundless. This, was the greatest gift of all. 

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