The use of eco-friendly products are becoming increasingly popular. There are so many options to choose from, which can be used daily! Also, people are choosing to live more eco-friendly lifestyles by implementing different practises at home and day-to-day! From reusable shopping bags to reusable coffee cups, it's great to see people and businesses do their part in helping the environment. Bit by bit, we can try our best to reduce the impact on our environment. Whether it's reducing the amount of water we use, or switching to LED lighting, every bit counts! Below we explore some alternative options plus some things you can do daily to help our beautiful environment!

Reusable shopping bags

Many shops and grocery stores are encouraging people to purchase reusable shopping bags. It takes energy to create one reusable bag, so don't forget to take a few with you on your next shopping trip, so you're not buying more at each visit! We get it - it's easy to forget the bags at home. We recommend always having a few in your car or somewhere you can see it, so you don't forget!

Reusable coffee cups

Did you know that Australians throw out 2.7 million single-use or disposable coffee cups each day? What's that in a year? In one year, it adds up to 1 billion thrown out coffee cups. If you like your takeaway lattes, you can enjoy them in a reusable cup. It's becoming so much easier to find reusable cups. They come in different colours and patterns! Grab a reusable cup for yourself and one for a friend too; they make great gifts! The more we use reusable cups, the better it is for our environment! We love eco-friendly alternatives like this one!

LED lights

By switching to LED lighting, it may reduce your energy consumption! If you're looking to outshine and help reduce the impact on our environment, then replacing halogen bulbs with LED may help! Every little bit counts!

Reduce your water usage

With millions upon millions of people using and needing water each day, remember that we only have a limited supply of water. It's essential to use it wisely. Preserving water can help to protect the environment, including our wildlife. It can also help to reduce the effects of water shortages and droughts. Also, it's vital to preserve water because industries and people such as firefighters, street cleaners, and hospitals (to name a few) require large amounts of water. So, some great ways to decrease the amount of water you consume include:

  1. Taking shorter showers
  2. Turning off the tap and not leaving the water running while brushing your teeth
  3. Switch to a water-efficient showerhead
  4. Go for appliances with a high water rating
  5. Water your garden with rainwater, if possible
  6. Don't keep the water running while you're tidying up in the kitchen, laundry, or bathroom
  7. Fix any leaks
  8. Do laundry only when you need to, if possible
  9. If possible, upgrade your toilet to a dual flush system
  10. Fill up your dishwasher and use it when it's full

Getting into a good habit of practising these eco-friendly alternatives can make a significant difference!

Say no to plastic straws!

Every day, Australians use around 10 million straws! This adds up to roughly 3.5 billion plastic straws a year! Many tend to use the plastic straws once before chucking them away. Clean Up volunteers commonly report plastic straws. They are found at parks, on streets, and our beaches. So, what can we do? Some people need or want to use plastic straws. If this is the case, plastic straws can be swapped with paper straws instead! There are great reusable options for those who require the use of straws, so pick the best option for you. And if you decide to use a plastic or paper straw, please remember to put it in the bin.

For a great eco-friendly alternative, stainless steel straws are available for purchase. Check out our Stainless Steel Bent Straws. These eco-friendly straws come in a pack of two with a reusable bag that has its own nylon straw cleaner. If you're wanting to do your part in protecting our environment, then stainless steel straws are a great choice. We have other eco-friendly options at Happy Way too, such as our coconut bowls. Our coconut bowls are made from discarded waste and use an organic coconut oil polish. From the additives to the materials, nothing artificial is used during the preparation stages. Our coconut bowls are 100% natural, Fair Trade, food-safe, handcrafted, and reusable. Check them out here: 

Coconut Bowl & Coconut Shell Spoon 100% Polished

Coconut Bowl & Coconut Shell Spoon 100% Natural

What do you think of these eco-friendly alternatives? We hope they have inspired you!

Want some more inspiration?

Available are our eco-friendly accessories bundle. This bundle includes a coconut bowl, stainless steel straws, a drink bottle, and a stainless steel tumbler. A perfect gift for yourself, friends, and family, these eco-friendly accessories can be used day-to-day with your smoothies and beverages.

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