We'd like you to introduce you to Lisa Nguyen, Founder and Creative Director of Enough, a hairdressing salon, wellness retreat, and wellness hub in Adelaide, South Australia.

A hairdresser of 19 years, Lisa used to battle skin conditions from working with chemicals every day. 

When Lisa developed painful dermatitis, she decided it was time to leave behind the harmful toxins. And for good. Enough was enough for Lisa.

And so, Lisa embarked on a new journey: a journey that had been one of her biggest passions. She opened her salon in 2017; a welcoming space for people to take time out, relax, love themselves and nourish the planet all at the same time.

What's Enough all about and what does it provide?

Enough uses only natural and organic products that benefit our physical and emotional health. These products also serve the health of our environment. 

Lisa and her team at Enough are passionate about curating the best in natural, organic, chemically-reduced, low toxin, and sustainable salon and hair products. They also encourage their clients to begin, continue, and grow their self-care journey at the studio and home. 

Praise to Lisa and her team: Adelaide's first eco-wellness salon that is passionately working hard every day to make a difference to people's health and wellbeing as well as the welfare of the earth. 

Discovering the name

Lisa wanted to come up with a name that sparked excitement and encouraged people to do something different, as well as reflecting the brand's message and mission.

"Enough has a double-edged meaning," says Lisa.

"Enough is enough - we've had enough of the chemicals that harm us and the environment."

As for the second meaning, Lisa says, "I am enough, you are enough - stripping back the layers in our society and celebrating what's true at the core. We are enough."

Benefiting the earth

As mentioned, Enough stocks products that are natural and organic - the products are fair trade and cruelty-free where possible. These highly beneficial products are more delicate to the earth and ourselves.

Lisa explains that the hairdressing industry is known for consuming large amounts of water and energy. The industry contributes to an environment that is full of chemicals and excess waste.

"I hate to think about what it's doing for the environment," says Lisa.

Lisa and the Enough team have partnered with Sustainable Salons Australia through a sustainability program.

"They come to our doors and collect up to 95% of salon waste, which gets organised for recycling and repurposing," explains Lisa.

Sustainable Salons Australia send the proceeds back to the community, where it then goes towards feeding those who are hungry; the program also creates opportunities for those who are disabled by providing them with work opportunities. 

Lisa says, "For us, looking after the environment, which supports us and our business is hugely important, and we want to involve our customers in the process of contribution too." 

Lisa hopes that this gives her clients a sense of confidence, knowing that their visit to her salon goes beyond supporting a small business owner. Their support is also enriching the community; it's reducing the impact the hairdressing industry has on the earth.

Introducing Lisa Nguyen, Founder & Creative Director of Adelaide's First Eco-Wellness Salon (1)
Introducing Lisa Nguyen, Founder & Creative Director of Adelaide's First Eco-Wellness Salon (2)

Benefiting humanity

On average, women use around 12 personal care products a day, which contain around 168 different chemicals. While many are educating themselves and increasingly making better decisions about the products they use day-to-day with health and sustainability in mind, hair products are sometimes the last thing they think of and place it last on the list.

"People are becoming increasingly conscious of the chemicals that can be found in a lot of products. What I have found is that they are not aware of the dangers, or why they're supposed to be avoiding them," Lisa explains.

For example, the majority of hair care products, cosmetics, deodorants, and skincare items contain parabens and preservatives. The parabens and preservatives mimic oestrogen, which hinders with hormone function. It may play a role in the development of breast cancer. 

Additionally, parabens react to UVA rays - this leads to an increase in skin ageing as well as damage to DNA. 

All commercial hair colours contain PPD and PTD (p-Phenylenediamine), which are the number one allergen that can be the reason for major allergic reactions that some people may experience. 

As explained by Lisa, if you're not currently allergic to those two chemicals, over time, the toxicity levels start to build up in the body. This can then cause sudden or unexpected outbreaks and sensitivities. 

"As a hairdresser, I spend time with women from all walks of life. Over time, I have noticed a huge rise in them seeking natural alternatives in the beauty and hair industry," says Lisa.

"At Enough, we believe that by eliminating as many harsh chemicals from the salon environment, we can help our clients to make better choices."

Lisa and her team love sharing their knowledge and experience with their clients. They're passionate about showing them that hair colouring doesn't need to be an eye-watering and headache-inducing experience. 

Introducing Lisa Nguyen, Founder & Creative Director of Adelaide's First Eco-Wellness Salon (3)
Introducing Lisa Nguyen, Founder & Creative Director of Adelaide's First Eco-Wellness Salon (4)

The passion and drive

Turning a dream into a reality is just one of Lisa's greatest achievements. But what drives her motivation is the voice she has created.

"I am sharing what I know and getting the word out there that there are alternatives to the chemical and heavy toxin products used in salons," says Lisa.

"There can only be positive things by introducing this type of salon experience to South Australians and the hair and health community."

It's great to see people increasingly educating themselves about environmental health and discovering new ways to start making more positive decisions. Many are striving towards coming up with ways to reduce their carbon footprint and practise sustainability. Many of us long to make it part of our everyday routines.

"It's pretty exciting that this can now extend outside of your home and workplaces and into a salon environment," says Lisa.

"You have a choice to support eco-ethical salons, but I hope in time it becomes the norm versus one of few."

The products

Lisa and her team at Enough are dedicated to supporting only the best in organic and biodynamic professional hair colour, care, and treatments.

The products used at Enough are rich in natural and plant-based formulas, enabling you to be protected from using harmful synthetics and filler ingredients. 

"Our hair colours, dyes, treatments, and styling products are free from ammonia, PPD and PTD, sulphate, parabens, and phthalates," says Lisa.

Introducing Lisa Nguyen, Founder & Creative Director of Adelaide's First Eco-Wellness Salon (5)

The difference

Haircare tends to be one of the last items people look at when searching for a more natural alternative. Lisa explains that it is more often at a time of illness or while trying to conceive that women come across Enough. This time prompts them to start thinking about the effects of the products they've been using on their hair.

"I believe that women nowadays are under a lot more pressure, which may then cause some stress, " says Lisa.

"We are mothers, partners, and businesswomen; we're working, yet often still the main carer of children and the home. These stresses, on top of being surrounded by toxic chemicals, seem to be creating issues with everything from fertility to gut disturbances and skin imitations."

Lisa and her team are helping their clients by eliminating these harsh chemicals. They desire to help people lead healthier lives, beginning in a space that promotes slow living, open conversations, and a supportive environment.  

Introducing Lisa Nguyen, Founder & Creative Director of Adelaide's First Eco-Wellness Salon (6)

Bringing it home

The Enough studio stocks a curation of locally made and sustainable skincare, perfumery, accessories, and jewellery. These items focus on a refined minimalist aesthetic with a focal point on nature, the environment, and the use of natural materials. 

More than a hair salon

Enough is more than a hair salon. Available at the studio are wellness programs that focus on the physical and emotional wellbeing of people. What separates Enough from other salons is that it’s also a wellness hub: a place that hosts restorative yoga sessions. Enough houses its own naturopath and other eco-beauty businesses, such as nails and beauty, that bring the same holistic approach that exists at Enough. 

Created to foster and nurture a community of like-minded individuals and businesses, Lisa says she didn't want to open another hair salon in Adelaide.

"There are so many in Hyde Park and Unley alone," says Lisa.

For Lisa, she intended to establish a studio space that was minimalist and multi-functional. It was paramount that it fulfilled its primary function as a working eco-ethical, chemically reduced salon by day. Then, turn it into a space for community, education, mindfulness, and movement in the times between taking care of clients' hair.

Workshops that people can get excited about later on in the year are watercolour, macramé, terrazzo coaster, and skin wellness.

Introducing Lisa Nguyen, Founder & Creative Director of Adelaide's First Eco-Wellness Salon (7)

Making a stand

Some other businesses and brands are making a stand by using organic products. The world's first professional organic hair colour, care and styling line, Oway uses biodynamic, organic, and fair trade ingredients that are filled with active botanicals and pure essential oils. 

"Oway's organic salon products take root on a family's biodynamic farm in Bologna, Italy," says Lisa.

"Here, the family grow, pick, and distil pure organic extracts, essential oils with zero chemicals in accordance with biodynamic farming standards." 

Oway ensures their colouring system enables the hair's health to be maintained to the highest level. This is done by their vision of using high grade, natural ingredients as well as respecting the environment and keeping clients safe from unnecessary nasties.

Lisa also commends Happy Way for their fantastic products, vision, and mission to nourish the community.

"I'm so proud of these local guys for creating fun, clean, and natural products that not only taste good but more importantly a well-connected and inclusive community that empowers women and fosters good mental health," says Lisa.

Lisa loves using Happy Way products and her favourite breakfast smoothie is a super green smoothie. When she needs a good pick-me-up, she enjoys a berry and banana smoothie.

Give Lisa's favourite super green smoothie a go! 


1 banana
2 medium apples, chopped & skin on
30 grams Happy Way's vegan vanilla protein powder
5 cups fresh spinach
3/4 cup of ice
1 cup coconut water
1 tablespoon Maca powder


1. Add all of the ingredients into a high-powered blender and blend until smooth.
2. Then, add up to half a cup of coconut water, if need be, to reach the desired consistency. 
3. Pour your smoothie into a cup or glass and enjoy! 

To make the berry and banana smoothie


1 large banana

1/2 cup frozen mixed berries
30 grams of Happy Way's vegan vanilla protein powder
1/2 cup of almond milk
Half coconut yoghurt
2 teaspoons honey
1. Combine all of the ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth.
2. Then, pour it into a cup or glass and enjoy!
To discover more about Enough, visit their website at www.weareenough.com.au.

The Enough studio is located at 298-300 Unley Road, Hyde Park, SA, 5061.

Follow Enough on Instagram: @enoughstudio

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