▫️30g @happywayau vegan Triple Choc Fudge protein powder⁣
▫️80g sugar-free vegan chocolate (melted)⁣
▫️Any fresh fruit, we used the following:⁣
▫️Punnet of strawberries ⁣
▫️Punnet of blackberries⁣
▫️1 fresh peach chopped⁣ 
▫️1 fresh kiwifruit chopped⁣
▫️Nuts of choice⁣
▫️1/2 packet Oreos or biscuits of choice⁣

▫️In a medium mixing bowl, combine the protein powder and melted chocolate together until smooth.⁣ 
▫️Add the melted chocolate in a small bowl and place in the middle of a serving board of choice.⁣
▫️Decorate the remaining board with desired fruit, nuts and biscuits. Use the melted chocolate to dip the fruit and biscuits and enjoy!⁣