When it comes to hormone champions and advocates, they don’t come much more delicious and enticing than in the form of MACA treats. Commonly referred to as a hormone superfood, MACA is a Peruvian root found deep in the Andes Mountains. An ancient remedy used by warriors and healers, it is known for providing stamina, energy and vitality. Beyond helping improve performance, it is also known for helping balance hormones, aiding in fertility and helping increase libido’s one delicious drink at a time. It is for this very reason that MACA has been added to all HAPPY WAY protein powders, alongside additional superfoods such as psyllium husk and chia seeds. How good is that! No need to add double digits’ worth of ingredients into your breakfast smoothies because we have done the job for you.

Hormones play an important role in our emotional health, and when they're not working the way they should, it can manifest as emotional problems. There are many things that can cause hormonal imbalance, including stress, poor diet, lack of exercise, and environmental toxins. But the good news is that there are things that can help to restore balance.

Did you know there are other 3 key reasons Happy Way will help keep your hormones happy…

Happy Way is GMO free

Genetically modified foods have been the topic of continued debate amongst food and health experts with recent studies identifying a link between GMO foods and hormonal problems in both men and women. Recent studies have shown a link between GMO foods and increased levels of the stress hormone cortisol as well as increased levels of estrogen in women. While the long-term effects of this remain debated, studies have indicated that health issues associated with an increased level of these hormones may manifest with issues such as persistent headaches, trouble with sleeping, insomnia as well as weight gain and stomach issues. When it comes to women’s health in particular, GMO foods have been linked to issues such as PCOS, endometriosis, fibroids, as well as issues with fertility.

While the exact quantities and safe dosages of GMO’s remain a topic of debate, and no exact data is available on the short and long-term effects of consuming genetically modified foods, here at HAPPY WAY, we like to take a precautionary principle to eliminate GMO foods from our diets. This is the reason we take great care and pride in sourcing GMO-free, organically certified ingredients for all of our products. This makes HAPPY WAY one of the safest options for women who are planning on falling pregnant, for women who may be experiencing fertility issues or for individuals who may want to keep their hormones balanced and happy.




HAPPY WAY is organic

While we know the health dangers associated with GMOs, what we should be equally conscious of is the effect of pesticides on our overall health and wellbeing. Recent studies have linked some pesticides with interfering with female hormones, particularly with estrogen and or androgen receptors. While the long term effects of this will become clearer in years to come, studies have indicated that the hormonal imbalance caused by some pesticides may impair the proper functioning of women’s reproductive system by exacerbating issues such as PCOS and endometriosis.  More recent studies carried out in the UK have found that common pesticides applied to fruit and vegetable crops proved to block normal hormone activity in not only women, but men as well. 

Happy Way offers a hormone happy alternative by ensuring all ingredients are organically sourced and certified, eliminating all pesticides, growth hormones and even antibiotics from our packaging. If you opt for the Whey protein powder range, you can do so knowing it has been formulated using New Zealand pasture fed whey. Because our wonder women deserve nothing less than squeaky clean ingredients formulated for happy hormones and optimum health.




Eating more protein will keep your hormones happy

Did you know that amino acids are not only the building block of all our muscles, but are also needed for the optimal functioning of our hormones? While it is common knowledge that protein is crucial to the maintenance and repair of our muscles, hair skin and nails, what is less commonly recognised is the role that protein plays in regulating hormones connected to our appetite and food intake. Eating enough protein is shown to decrease the hunger hormone “ghrelin”, while helping promote the release of hormones such as PYY and GLP-1, which helps promote the feeling of fullness. Studies have consistently found a link between protein consumption and reduced appetite, with the general rule of thumb resting on consuming 20 – 30 grams of protein a day.




So what delicious recipes could you be whipping up to keep your hormones happy?

Energy MACA Smoothie

If you’re the kind of person that can’t leave the house without their morning coffee, then this smoothie recipe is for you. Give your short black the kind of makeover that will give you sustained energy, focus and stamina throughout the day with a few healthy additions. While the oats, and Coffee protein powder will help promote a healthy gut and satiety, the inclusion of MACA in this smoothie will help provide sustained energy, stamina and focus throughout the day. A simple and delicious way to do something good for your hormones first thing in the morning.


 MACA Smoothie Bowl

This hormone loving smoothie bowl is so delicious and simple to make, we can guarantee that after the first try it will become your go-to breakfast. Packed full of hormone loving ingredients such as almond butter and MACA, it’s the kind of breakfast that will help boost your energy levels, skin health and even libido. Almond butter is known for helping increase the hormone called adiponectin, which helps regulate our blood sugar levels as well as helping balance testosterone levels. The addition of hormone balancing MACA makes this the kind of breakfast your body truly deserves.


Energy Boosting Latte

If you’re the kind of person that drinks their morning coffee with one eye open but feels a drop in their energy levels come 11am, then it may be time to give your morning drink a Happy Way makeover. With happy hormones, clarity and energy in mind, our resident nutritionist Malissa Fedele has helped develop a simple, wickedly delicious and super healthy energy-boosting latte. Sure it’s not as easy as pressing the button for your espresso, but the 5 extra minutes spent in the kitchen will provide hours of energy and clarity. Worth the process, we promise!

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