When it comes to skin health what you eat and drink is equally, if not more important than what you smother on your face. Sorry to disappoint ladies, but that $300 face cream could be going to waste if you are not nourishing your body with the right kind of skin friendly ingredients. As a window into our overall health, skin concerns such as acne, eczema, dullness and even dryness can all be signs that we are not nourishing our skin from within. So if you are really looking to boost your beauty routine, why not whip up a delicious breakfast smoothie packed full of hydrating, nourishing and delicious ingredients which will leave your skin looking and feeling plump and radiant.  
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Avocados. We like to smash them on our toast, whip them up in our smoothies, comb them through our hair and heck we even like to smother them on our face. That is because no beauty repertoire is complete without healthy fats which play a crucial role in keeping our skin supple, plump and moisturised. Packed full of skin loving nutrients such as Omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids, avocados offer deeply hydrating properties. A study which followed the skin and overall health of over 700 Japanese women found that women who subscribed to a diet high in healthy fats had significantly more supple and springy skin than those who didn’t.
In addition to being a good source of healthy fats, avocados are packed full of antioxidants in the form of Vitamins E and C. While Vitamin E works to protect the skin from free radicals and ageing, vitamin C works to boost collagen production and protects the skin from sun damage. So halve an avocado, throw it into your smoothie and enjoy the kind of benefits usually reserved to the label of an expensive beauty elixir.

Sweet Potatoes

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Sweet potatoes are to the skin what carrots are to our eyes, a necessity really! That is because sweet potatoes are rich in beta-carotene, a nutrient that is converted into Vitamin A in our bodies. We know that topical Vitamin A (retinoid creams) form the basis of most skincare routines for anyone in the 25+ age bracket. Basically they are the beauty cabinet superhero fighting all signs of ageing such as fine lines, pigment and even adult acne. But dietary sources of Vitamin A are just as important and  often overlooked. As we age, this vitamin becomes crucial to our overall skin health, acting as both a barrier to external pollutants and as a natural sunblock, protecting the skin from sun damage. As little as 25grams is enough to meet your recommended daily intake of beta-carotene. So next time you bake sweet potatoes, bake an extra one as a smoothie filler to last you all week.



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If you needed an excuse to whip up a chocolate-based smoothie, then we’re about to hand it straight into your lap. When it comes to skin health, you may as well be bathing in chocolate. The good kind that is! That is because cacao is packed full of antioxidants which help fight external pollutants which attack healthy skin cells. In a study conducted by the Journal of Nutrition, cacao was found to contribute significantly to more supple, vibrant and healthy skin. The trail, which followed 30 women during a 12-week period found that participants who consumed 100ml of cacao every day were found to have significantly more hydrated and resistant skin than those who didn't. The same study found that those who consumed cacao on a regular basis experienced more resistance to sunburn and sun damage. For maximum results, always opt for a cacao mixture, which contains at least 60-70% cacao.

Brazil Nuts

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When it comes to healthy skin, hair and nails, it may be less about a 10-step process and more about adding 2-3 Brazil nuts into your smoothie. The benefits of which really are that good! Packed full of selenium, one of the most powerful antioxidants on the planet, brazil nuts not only help build a strong immune system and support gut-health but they also play an important role in skin health. Studies have shown that Brazil nuts protect the skin against ageing, sun damage and skin cancer.

Chia Seeds 

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We all have a serum in our beauty cabinets that is an all rounder. You know what serum we’re talking about. That little expensive elixir tucked away in the corner of the beauty cabinet that cost you a heft slice of your pay check and claims to fight skin concerns on all fronts. Well, as it turns out, there is another all rounder you could be adding to your smoothies, which will cost you a fraction of the price that is equally as beneficial for your skin.
When it comes to the superfood label, chia seeds have well and truly earned their stripes. Aside from offering endless health benefits, chia seeds are fantastic for skin health. Packed full of antioxidants, they help fight free radicals, which contribute to cell damage and speed up the ageing process. They are also packed full of healthy omega-3 fatty acids, which we now know, contribute to supple and vibrant skin. Finally, these little powerful seeds are shown to reduce inflammation in the body, which speeds up cell breakdown of our skin. Studies have shown that consuming as little as 37 grams of chia seeds a day reduced inflammation markers in the body by as much as 40%. 
Now that you have read the good news, we’re here to deliver something even better. All Happy Way protein powders come packed full of these little superstars.


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