If you have been following our mouth-watering Happy Way recipes, then chances are you have come across Malissa, our in-house nutritionist. The Health Science graduate and Nutritional and Diabetic Medicine major is the brains behind many of those Instagram worthy recipes you have been saving to your feed. Providing all the taste sans the guilt, Malissa’s recipes are both healthy and delicious and most of all – easily accessible.

With an approach to food which is as much about convenience as it is about nutrition and balance, Malissa has taken the stress out of food prepping to help you stay on track with your health goals with ease.

Get to know the nutritionist and author as she shares her day on a plate.

A day in the life and on a plate of Nutritionist Malissa Fedele (1)

Name: Malissa Fedele (yep spelt with an A)

But my friends call me: Mal, Mel, Mally – I don’t really have a nickname my friends just call me whatever

The first thing I do when I wake up: Say my morning affirmations. To me, mindset is everything. So by waking up and affirming positive phrases about myself and the things I want to manifest into my life really sets such a nice tone for the rest of my day. It always puts me in a bright and happy mood ready to take on the day.  

My morning routine always consists of

  • Warm water with Lemon & apple cider vinegar to wake up my insides and get everything flowing.
  • Sweat Session! Ill head to the gym or if I don’t have much time I will go for a run.
  • Oil Pulling – I don’t do this everything morning but most. Oil pulling is basically swishing coconut oil around in your mouth to improve dental hygiene and pull out any nasty toxins.
  • I quickly get ready and then I’m off to work!

My morning routine is so important to me. I often find that having a good morning routine can really benefit me throughout the day. I also try to avoid any technology until I am completely ready. It sets me up for a really productive and motivating day ahead. 

My coffee of choice: I usually have a double long black in the morning (this wakes me right up) but when I’m feeling like something a little more interesting I’ll grab an almond milk latte.

I never leave the house without: A good lip-balm, bottle of water and snacks. I really love food and I’m always eating. You’ll always find some sort of snack in my handbag. My go to snack option is a hard-boiled egg (little strange but I love eggs and they are so nutritious)

Most days you will find me: in the kitchen! I LOVE cooking, creating new recipes and making dinner and treats for all my loved ones. Working as a Nutritionist for Happy Way involves lots of recipe creations and recipe testing so I can bring our followers delicious, wholesome and healthy recipes!

My exercise of choice: I do a lot of high intensity workouts during the week but I absolutely LOVE hot yoga.

Why you should try it: Hot Yoga is my favourite type of exercise because not only is it great for the body but it’s also great for the mind. I find it to be very cleansing due to all the sweating that goes on and because of the heat your body is able to loosen up go a lot deeper into the exercises, which feels amazing. I always leave my yoga mat in such a good, relaxed and happy mood.

The health and wellness Instagram accounts I follow: @jshealth, @nude_nutritionist and @shona_vertue are my favourite accounts because they give practical health advise that’s realistic and relatable.

My signature protein smoothie consists of: 

1 Banana

1 Scoop Salted Caramel Protein Powder

1 Tablespoon cacao

1 Tablespoon Peanut Butter

1 Cup Almond Milk


It's made with my favourite HAPPY WAY protein which is: Salted Caramel

To wind down I: Meditate – it calms me, grounds me and really helps me to wind down after a long day. Meditation is something I have been doing for a couple years now and it has helped to lessen my reactions to the external environment, including anger, stress and anxiety. I have found that basically any emotion or physical response to the world can be better managed through a meditation practice.  It is something that I highly recommend to all my clients, friends and family. 

On weekends you will find me: I am a social butterfly. I love spending my weekends with my friends and family and getting dressed up. This usually involves checking out a cool new place to eat, lots of dancing and the occasional cocktail. 

The last thing I do before I do to bed: Have a good stretch and write down 2 things that happened in my day that I am grateful for.

My food philosophy is: 

Food is to be enjoyed, not feared. We are here on this Earth to have a good time and live our best life. Don’t spend your life worrying about what you can’t have, stressing about having the ‘perfect’ body and putting endless restrictions on yourself.

Just go back to basics. Eat wholesome foods, enjoy sharing with your loved ones and find the joy in creating and cooking your own meals.

Don’t be so hard on yourself, don’t follow the trends and simply learn to love the body you have.

Nutrition is the foundation to your health, so once you get that right and begin to nourish your body, it’s only up from there. 

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