So you’re new to working out or perhaps you are freshly back in the game. Or maybe you’re planning on running your first marathon. Whatever your fitness level may be, we all know that dreaded feeling that comes with building your endurance back up or pushing through that workout burn. While at times you may be feeling like you’re fighting an uphill battle and may be tempted to give up, the important thing to remember is that endurance takes consistency, patience and the right tools.

Sure fatigue may be your worst enemy at the gym but learning how to manage it is the key to your success – whatever your goals may be. So before you hit a wall and cut corners during your workout, why not try these simple tips to prevent burnout and ensure grit. Because with the right tools, you can face even your worst days with determination!


Rekindling your love affair with the gym? Here is how to work on your endurance... (1)


Invest in quality fuel

… And we’re not talking about premium unleaded for your car on the way to the gym either. What you eat before you exercise will have a direct impact on whether you go through your entire set of reps or whether you call it quits halfway through. So what does this actually look like? Foods high in complex-carbohydrates are great pre-workout meals for endurance training as they convert to sustained energy. These should however be consumed two hours before a workout.

If you are heading into a HIIT session or haven’t planned ahead, you should opt for easily digestible carbohydrates such as bananas, mangoes and apples. This should be combined with proteins such as yoghurt and fats such as nut butters and avocado. For an easy pre-workout option that won’t leave you feeling heavy, why not reach for a low calorie protein shake.

Rekindling your love affair with the gym? Here is how to work on your endurance... (2)

Slow and steady does it

Starting a new fitness regime can be likened to a new years resolution. You begin with the best of intentions and the highest of hopes but sometimes your overzealousness can be your biggest hurdle. The same can be said of your new fitness approach. While jumping into HIIT workouts and strength training 5 days a week may sound tempting and achievable, realistic goals and consistency are key. This means mixing up your routine with recovery exercises and days such as walking. Not only will this help you keep on track, it will also help prevent injury and the type of muscle soreness that makes bathroom visits seem like torture (you know what we’re talking about).

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Lift some weights

While building endurance takes time and commitment, it also takes lifting some weights and focusing on your strength training. For the beginner, it may be tempting to assume that lifting weights will lead to more muscle wear and tear, not doing so will in fact slow down your progress. We know that cardio is one of the fastest ways to burn fat, however, it can also promote muscle breakdown as your body is constantly looking for fuel. Counteracting the effects of this depletion by adding strength training into your regime to build muscle is crucial. Runners training for a marathon as an example are encouraged to do 60-90 minutes of strength training a week.


Swap out your coffee for a fat burner

Hardworking is a word readily associated with fat burners and not only because they are one of the most versatile supplements in your cupboard. Going beyond their name and appetite suppressing abilities, fat burners will help raise your energy levels during a workout. The Happy Way range of fat burners comprises of 10 of the safest and most effective ingredients that help raise your metabolic rate and in turn energy levels at the gym.

Coffee is in fact one of the key ingredients in fat burners and works to break down the fatty acids that reside in adipose tissue. Once these acids are broken down they enter the bloodstream and can be used to create energy. That means a boost in both your performance and your body’s ability to tap into fat stores.


Take BCAA’s

When it comes to working out for longer and pushing yourself that extra mile, pun most definitely intended, BCAAs are there to make a difference. Part of the benefit of adding this supplement into your gym repertoire is the way in which our bodies break down these acids. While amino acids consumed individually or through protein supplements are broken down in the liver first before being used by the body as fuel or for muscle repair, BCAAs have a more direct effect. Bypassing the liver and going straight to the muscles means that these acids directly and fuel and repair the muscles. This means that BCAA supplements can be taken before, during and  after a workout for optimum results.

Hydrate, but not just during and after…

We know nothing will kick your session right off it’s tracks quite like a muscle cramp.It is common knowledge that staying hydrated is crucial to our overall health and staying hydrated while working out is key. However, hydration prior to working out is often overlooked. Drinking one to two glasses of water prior to a workout can help keep you on track and focused by preventing muscle cramps and spasms. If you are especially prone to sweating it out at the gym you should consider electrolytes prior to hitting the gym to ensure you maintain proper potassium and sodium levels.

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