The first month of 2023 is already behind us (did that fly or what?!), and if you’ve set goals or intentions for the new year, now’s a good time to check in and see how you’re going with all that…

Are you channelling your inner goal digger and smashin’ them outta the park (kudos to you!), or are you struggling to get off first base and finding it hard to create and stick to new routines and healthy habits (yep, we feel ya)?

To help light the motivation spark and turn that new year, new you list into practical routines and realistic change, we reached out to qualified nutritionist and dietitian Cassie Slaney of @bodylovenutrition_ to get some helpful tips for the year ahead (check out her IG for tonnes of mouth-watering recipes!). Over to you Cassie!


Journaling in a notebook

Health takes a different shape for each person, so consider this your guide to creating your own healthy routine to suit your lifestyle, and that will also align with your values. A lot of people struggle with just starting this process, so I’m gonna make it super simple and FUN for you (because we all like doing things that are fun, right?).

  • Firstly, grab a piece of paper, or even better, your journal if you have one. 
  • Write down five things that bring you joy—think ‘face hurt from smiling’ kinda joy. 
  • Don’t overthink it—it can be a small daily practice that makes you feel good. 

Struggling to come up with five things? See my list below. 

  • My morning coffee.
  • Reading.
  • Eating dinner with my family and debriefing about our day. 
  • Snuggles with my dog.
  • A hot shower/bath to end the day (and a face mask if I’m feeling extra luxe!).

Woman in bath reading

Now you have your list of five joy generators, make sure they’re ALWAYS included in your daily routine somewhere. Taking time out of your day for some ‘self-care’ (even if it’s only a quick 10 minutes) and doing the things that make you feel good is super important when it comes to keeping your mind and body happy and healthy. 

The next step in creating a healthy lifestyle routine is to write down five things that are important to you when it comes to caring for yourself mentally and physically. This focuses on filling up your cup in a holistic way and will be different for each person.  After you’ve listed five things, write what each of them means to you and how you’ll be able to implement each one in your day to day. See my list and two examples below. 

  1. Joyful movement.
  2. Nourishing and satisfying food/nutrition.
  3. Mindset and well-being.
  4. Hydration.
  5. Restful sleep.


A girl stretching

Joyful movement to me is walking, tennis, pilates and yoga. I can implement these practices in my daily routine by walking during my lunch break, playing tennis on the weekends with my partner, and signing up for the three pilates/yoga classes each week that fit into my schedule. I can also look at doing some longer walks and hikes with friends throughout the week. Each day, I will choose which joyful movement feels best for me based on what fits with my weekday/weekend schedule and how my body feels at the time. I will include joyful movement where I can in my catch-ups with friends, to make it more of a fun bonding activity. 


Fresh produce

Nourishing food to me is eating lots of variety and colour, buying seasonal produce and trying new, healthy recipes. I like to cook meals in bigger batches, so I have plenty of leftovers for lunch that I know are nutritious and easy to take with me on the go. I can focus on mindful eating and listening to my body’s cues with regard to what it needs, when it’s hungry, and when I’m satisfied from my food.

I enjoy going to the markets on the weekend and find buying fresh produce and supporting local businesses an enjoyable experience (I’ll make this a habit every week). Each weekend I will plan out my meals for the week ahead, cooking recipes in bulk, so I have ready-made meals at my fingertips. This will save time in the kitchen—which will allow me to do other things that I love—and ensure I have healthy snack options like fruit, yoghurt and nuts. 


Once you’ve filled in each section, you can begin to see a pattern emerge, and this will be your guide to creating your own healthy routine. Think of it as your ingredient list to make your favourite banana bread recipe—if you remove one of the ingredients, the banana bread won’t rise, and it’ll be dense and not as delicious! Each section is important in creating a healthy routine, and if we neglect one, we won’t feel in balance or our best self. It’s important to make space for each of these wellness habits in our lives, and don’t forget to include the five things that bring you joy in your daily routine too!

Woman content

As you progress with this, you can always modify the sections as things change in your life and your values and priorities shift. We’re always going through change—changes in our work life, home life, relationships and even the things that bring us joy—so it’s important to always remain fluid, allow yourself to adapt to your needs, and remember to be kind to yourself during the process. 

Remember, this is just a guide to creating a healthy routine that works for you and that fills your cup so you can get the most out of each day. With all of life’s demands and responsibilities, it’s important to make time and space for yourself first. You’re your best asset—look after YOU!

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