At Happy Way, we love working with people who not only radiate fun, positivity and are as passionate about health and wellness as us, but also those that inspire, motivate and empower us to grow, smash our goals and encourage us to be our absolute best selves!

It’s for this reason that today we want to introduce you to three of our powerhouse Happy Way ambassadors—Ashy Bines, Sophie Guidolin and Rachel Dillon. Each of these superwomen are kick-ass girl bosses, health and fitness gurus, and are dedicated to helping women live their best lives through education and support along their health and wellness journeys.

So who exactly are Ashy, Sophie and Rachel? What makes them the go-to women for all things health, fitness and wellbeing? And, what are their apps all about? Read on to find out more. 


Balance by Ashy Bines app

As one of our original ambassadors, Ashy Bines has long been a part of the Happy Way family. A source of inspiration for Happy Way co-founders Ben and Hien, Ashy embodies the very principles that the brand was built on—an ethos based on being real, being vulnerable, working hard and showing that we all have a superwoman waiting to be unlocked within us!

Ashy is a mother, wife, entrepreneur, personal trainer, speaker and activewear designer, plus she’s the Happy Way ambassador behind three of our most mouth-watering protein flavours—Triple Choc Fudge, Choc Caramel and the newbie, Choc Coconut (available in both whey and vegan). Beginning as a personal trainer back in 2010, Ashy is now the co-founder and Creative Director of the Ashy Bines Group, and she has empowered over 500,000 women to feel good about their bodies and themselves. 

A self-confessed sweet tooth (look at the flavours she’s helped us create!), Ashy is all about finding balance. For Ashy, health and fitness is not about strenuous workouts and counting calories, but instead, her focus is on keeping things simplified, whilst having fun along the way. Ashy removes the stigma that to be healthy is complicated, and knows that when she supports her clients to live with ease and in balance, the results take care of themselves!

Not only can you follow Ashy on her social platforms but you can also be a part of her fitness squad by downloading her app called Balance By Ashy. Here, you will get a tonne of workouts including full-body workouts, weight training and HIIT, but you’ll also get sessions that target core areas of the body, plus yoga and pilates style workouts too. Along with Ashy’s support and guidance throughout your training, you’ll have access to nutritional advice and recipes, as well as a planner to track your goals and progress along the way. 

If you’re looking for some balance in your life, download the Balance By Ashy app from the App Store, or wherever you get your favourite apps.


The Bod app by Sophie Guidolin

Adelaide born and raised, Sophie Guildolin has been a Happy Way ambassador for many years now, along with conquering her roles as a mum, girl-boss, published author, fitness model, nutritionist and wellness advocate. Sophie competed in her first ever fitness competition back in 2012 and after winning numerous fitness titles and world rankings, she focused on working with women—with the mission of empowering them through health and fitness to change their lives, reach their goals and build their confidence. 

Sophie has published nine recipe books that are loved by thousands of households, which are full of quick, easy, nutritious recipes that taste delicious and are guaranteed to be hit with the family—check them out here. Being a mama of four, Sophie understands the importance of keeping things simplified when life can get hectic, and so these books are packed with recipes that don’t require a 3 hour prep, but with easy, nutritious meals that the whole family will enjoy creating too. She even helped us create our very own Banana Bread Protein Mix—a superfood blend that’s 100% natural, has no added sugar and is bound to be a kitchen pantry staple.

Through her podcast Flourish & Fulfilled and her fitness app The Bod, Sophie empowers and inspires women—enabling them to smash their health and fitness goals and live their best life! When you join the sisterhood, you get access to a tonne of workouts, programs and challenges, with each giving you the option of training either at the gym or in the comfort of your own home. There’s guidance along the way and each exercise is customised to suit your fitness level. There are also over 160 recipes for you to enjoy, created by qualified nutritionists, and you can also follow set meal plans, track your nutrient intake daily or cater meals to suit your dietary needs.

There’s ongoing guidance and motivation from The Bod team and a community where you can share your progress and connect with other like-minded women—supporting and inspiring each other to keep smashing your goals!

If you’re ready to join Soph and her community, get The Bod app today from the App Store, or wherever you download your favourite apps. 


Move With Us app by Rachel Dillon

Last but not least, Happy Way ambassador Rachel Dillon is the fitness queen behind one of Australia’s biggest fitness empires, MOVE WITH US—a business transforming the lives and mindsets of thousands of people! Rachel began her health and fitness career as a PT in Townsville, sharing her methods and knowledge with women individually and eventually in group settings, and went on to develop nutritional e-books and her very own app to provide an all-round health and wellness experience to her clients.

Rachel has also been crowned 3 x WBFF Bikini World Champion and has also launched her own brand of clothing—Crop Shop Boutique—designed to be worn every day as athleisure wear, perfect for both in and out of the gym. Despite all of these achievements, Rachel is most proud of the community she helped create and has watched grow at MOVE WITH US.

One of Rachel’s goals is to turn fitness from a chore, into a way of life that can not only be enjoyable, but super rewarding also. As Rachel says, ‘My mission is to share the true transformative power of fitness with the world. Health and fitness have truly empowered me to become the best version of myself. I’ve created a positive lifestyle. I became stronger, mentally and physically. I learned discipline. I grew in confidence. I unlocked my potential and discovered exactly what I’m capable of achieving’.

Throughout her wellness programs at MOVE WITH US, Rachel supports women (and men) on their health and wellness journeys, by providing training programs for the fitness beginner or workout regular that can be done at home or in the gym. There are also customised meal and nutrition plans with over 850 delicious recipes to choose from, with a focus on accountability and goal setting to keep you motivated. You can even track your daily hydration, steps and sleep patterns, with ongoing support from the MOVE WITH US team and daily mindset quotes to look after your mental well-being too. 

If you’re ready to join Rachel’s health and wellness movement, download the MOVE WITH US app from the App Store or wherever you get your favourite apps.

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