You're browsing the supermarket aisles. Dozens upon dozens of foods line the shelves, each screaming "Pick me! Pick me!" The temptation is real. But what to do? You're after healthy snacks, after all, but you don't know what to choose. FEAR NOT! Happy Way to the rescue. We spoke with our resident Clinical Nutritionist, Malissa Fedele, to give us the FAQs and the FYIs of snacking!

Firstly, how many meals should people eat a day?

This is a very individual question; it really depends on your lifestyle and energy requirements. Generally, three wholesome meals is the standard, which includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. However, some people prefer to have six smaller meals throughout the day.

Is snacking bad for you?

No way! Snacking is not bad for you. It is a way to nourish your body and top up your energy to keep you feeling strong and healthy. However, snaking should involve foods that are wholesome, low in sugar and not heavily processed. The best kind of snacks are things like fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, smoothies, etc.

Should we snack throughout the day if we want to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle?

Snacking between meals is a great way to ensure a consistent and regular blood sugar level, which can result in stable energy levels. Of course, this is dependent on the type of snacks you are consuming. Anything rich in sugar and heavily processed will spike blood sugar levels dramatically and leave you feeling lethargic and sluggish. Between meals, having nutrient-rich snacks will support a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

For those who want to reduce snacking, how can they do so, and do you recommend it?

If this is one of your health goals, what I recommend is first making sure you are eating meals that are rich in all macronutrients, and you are providing your body with enough energy required to complete your every-day tasks. If you are properly nourishing your body with your main meals, you will not feel such an urge to snack all the time. It is important also to eat mindfully. Take time to chew your food and eat slowly.

Secondly, make sure you are drinking plenty of water. By staying hydrated, you will reduce the need to snack so much. Aim for 2-3L of water per day. A Happy Way water bottle can help with this! 

Become more in tune with your body. Are you really hungry and low in energy, or are you just bored? Listen to your body and get to know what it really wants. Sometimes we eat not because we are hungry, but more so because we don't have anything else to do.

What do you recommend people do day-to-day to ensure they're eating the right amount of food?

  • Eat three wholesome meals that are rich in all macronutrients: Protein, Healthy Fats & Carbohydrates.
  • Stay hydrated: aim for 2-3L of water per day.
  • Always aim for nourishing snacks that are as close to their natural state as possible, such as fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, eggs, etc.
  • Higher protein snacks will keep you feeling fuller for longer. Have a protein shake in between meals!
  • Be mindful and in tune with your body.

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