With Christmas just around the corner, the pressure to deliver the perfect present, and one that will actually get used is bringing out the Christmas Grinch in many of us (guilty). And, despite our best efforts, it turns out that many of our gifts end up going to waste with an estimated $400 million spent on unwanted and unused gifts last year alone. Amongst these, candles, pyjamas, slippers and novelty gifts were reported as the biggest offenders, with gift vouchers not faring much better. According to Finder.com.au, an estimated $70 million dollars worth of gift cards went unredeemed in 2017 alone. So what happens to many of these gifts, you ask. According to recent polls, most end up re gifted or more alarmingly in our already overflowing landfills as waste.

Now, at the risk of sounding like the Christmas Grinch, we’re here to lay out the kind of Christmas gift guide your friends and loved ones will appreciate. This Christmas, we challenge you to give the gift of health, wellness, flavour and convenience. While you’re at it, why not even give the earth a hug all in one go.


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For the new fitness devotee

Buying for a friend that is new to the gym or the world of fitness? Then why not give them the gift of recovery with the cult Happy Way Vanilla Ice Ice or Top of the Choc Protein Powder. Delivering superwoman powers with every scoop, these protein powders will not only help your bestie reach her goals sooner but will also deliver a flavour hit that is set to satisfy their taste buds.

Ultimate Christmas Gift

For the plant-based warrior

We all know someone who has gone plant-based but it doesn’t need to mean that they have to miss out on all the fun. The Happy Way vegan range not only delivers a delicious flavour hit but more importantly offers a complete amino acid profile. That means Arnold Schwarzenegger strength from a 100% plant based source. We suggest the cult Cacao Mint Hemp Protein Powder as an entry-level flavour or why not let them sample all our favourites with the Happy Way Vegan Travel pack.


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For someone that has everything

What do you get someone who has everything? A limited edition flavour, of course. When we think of Christmas we often think of chocolate and indulging which makes the limited edition Happy Way Choc Peanut Butter protein powder the perfect stocking filler. Blend it into a smoothie, use it as a base for your chocolate brownies or make it into a mousse for flavour that can be likened to your favourite childhood peanut butter cups. The best part is that you can give the gift of flavour without the guilt. No artificial colours, flavours of preservatives, just an indulgent protein powder that delivers on all fronts.


Ultimate Christmas Gift

For the little ones

Give them a snack that they can eat with their eyes first. Designed with unicorns and superpowers on the packet, the Happy Way all natural snack bars deliver on design, functionality and flavour. Whether your little one loves strawberries, bananas or apples, these handy little bars will satisfy their sugar cravings the natural way. The kind of snack you can add to their lunchbox, leave in your handbag and can even take to work. 

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For the traveller

We all have that one friend or family member who is a perpetual traveller, whether for work or for leisure. Give them the gift of convenience with the Happy Way travel pack, the perfect partner to all their hotel and resort gyms. Not only will they be able to sample the best there is on offer, but they will also be able to keep their macros in check while on the road. 


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For the Instagram Queen

First we Instagram and then we eat. If you know someone who loves to fill their Instagram feed with perfectly curated images of their culinary skills, then the Happy Way coconut bowl and spoon will provide and endless array of photo opportunities. The perfect base to their smoothie bowls, for a summer of blending, pouring and decorating.


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For the environmental warrior

For the environmentally conscious, give the gift of sustainability and dewy skin with the Happy Way stainless steel water bottle. This super sleek and handy present will not only encourage your superwoman to drink more water, but will also help save our already fragile environment. A feel good present all around!

Want to take it a step further? Why not add in a stainless steel straw. Your best friends favourite new handbag addition. She can take it with her everywhere she goes, saying no to plastic straws for good.

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