We’re about to tell you to have your chocolate cake and eat it too…

During these unprecedented times, one thing remains certain and that is our desire to stay happy and to elevate our mood and what better way to stay on track than with a healthy dose of cacao. 

Cacao offers a potent dose of scientifically proven bliss chemicals serotonin, tryptophan and tyrosine. These neurotransmitters are known for helping promote feelings of happiness and are proven to help alleviate depression. So what better time to start adding more cacao into our diets than over the next couple of months when we may feel like we need a hug from the inside.

As a natural energy booster, swapping out your mid morning coffee for a hot cup of cacao will also help add a bounce to your step and will help elevate your drive during those days spent at home. This is because cacao is rich in magnesium, which activates adenosine triphosphate (ATP) in the body, a process known for helping raise energy levels.

If added energy and good time vibes are not enough to convince you then perhaps skin health may do the job. High in flavonoids, raw cacao has 40 times the amount of antioxidants as blueberries. This means cacao will not only help fight free radicals in the body but will also help keep your skin, hair and nails looking their very best. Consider it a skin treatment from within and the perfect addition to your beauty regime on a Saturday night. Skin mask on, hot chocolate ready to go!

So what are some of the fun ways you can add this delicious treat into your recipes you ask?

Chocolate Brownies

Earn yourself some brownie points with your kids (pun intended) or loved ones with these finger-licking, mouth-watering Happy Way chocolate brownies. Packed full of superfoods and antioxidant rich ingredients, this recipe offers the perfect excuse to gather the family around in the kitchen for a night of baking and good times. The best part is that it won’t leave your little ones bouncing off walls with an unnatural sugar high. What it will do is leave them feeling happy and content, and also asking for that second slice (don’t say we didn’t warn you).


Avocado Mousse

Have a night of Netflix and chill planned? Then why not whip up some delicious Happy Way avocado and cacao mousse to complement your favourite chick flick. Packed full of skin loving healthy fats and antioxidant rich cacao, this mousse will satisfy the taste buds and will also deliver the kind of flavour your night truly deserves. The best part is that you can make it with ingredients found in your pantry. Enjoy!


Cacao Crunch Granola

If you’re missing your favourite breakfast spot then why not turn your home into the kind of brunch spot your heart desires with this delicious and fun cacao crunch granola. Spend Sunday making a batch and enjoy it throughout the week as a delicious breakfast or topping for your yoghurt and cereal. If you don’t have dried cranberries in your pantry, opt for any dry fruits or nuts you have laying around. Enjoy. 


Chocolate Protein Brownie Balls 

More time spent at home means more time spent snacking. If you aren’t reaching for the fridge door or pantry on the hour then we applaud you so we’re here to offer a squeaky clean, protein rich take on snacking right. These Happy Way chocolate protein brownie balls are easy to make, offer a fun activity for the kids and can be pre-made and left in the fridge for the entire week. If you don’t have any Happy Way Choc Protein Powder on hand then opt for your regular flavour of choice. This recipe is very versatile so add your own spin to it.


Needing a little more inspiration in the kitchen? Then don’t forget to check out the Happy Way YouTube Recipe Channel where you can gain more tips on how to use your free Maca, Cacao and Acai singles packs.

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