You’re working out and eating right, trying to live a healthy lifestyle, so, why is protein important?

It can be difficult for women living busy lifestyles and trying to maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine, to get enough nutrients they need to keep it up. Women often resort to energy drinks, caffeine and bad, sugary food choices to try and ward off that fatigue we get during a long week at work but it could be that you just aren’t getting enough protein in your diet.

Scientists have reported that there is more to protein than just maintaining and growing muscles. Plus 80% of getting that flat toned tummy is in what we consume and the other 20% is in exercising so this just goes to show how important it is to keep up that healthy, balanced, protein filled diet. So here we have answered why is protein important for women looking to live a healthy lifestyle in 10 points below.

  • Having enough protein helps with weight loss
  • Scientific research reports women need more protein when cutting down on calories, as weight loss means you will need to add more protein to your diet to keep your muscle and bone density whilst burning fat. In fact, women looking to burning fat need to add more protein to their diet compared to other women who are just looking to maintain their current weight.

  • Keeping muscles strong!
  • Yes! Protein helps maintain and grow lean muscle mass. Why is protein important for this? Because it breaks down into amino acids which are essential for building bone and tissues within your body. Which in other words, will help you grow more lean muscle mass whilst maintaining your current gains.

  • Lowering risk factors for disease
  • Keeping a balanced diet is so important for reducing the risk of future diseases that can come with ageing and the lifestyle we choose. Protein has a big part in looking after your physical health.

  • Helps strengthen bones and lessen the risk of osteoporosis
  • Unfortunately part of being a woman is that woman are at an even higher risk of bone degeneration and osteoporosis. Protein is important for maintaining bone density as it is said to promote calcium absorption along with growing healthy bones.

  • Reduce Fatigue
  • If you feel fatigued and are resorting to caffeinated, sugary drinks. Try changing your diet to include wholesome foods and more protein instead, especially if you are working out. You will definitely see an improvement in your energy levels!

  • Less hunger
  • Protein is super filling! It also takes longer to digest, which as a result means you won’t feel the need to eat as many snacks, junk foods or carb-loaded bread during the day. No one likes to feel hungry and be stuck thinking about food when trying to lose weight so grab yourself a yummy protein shake and say goodbye to hungry!

  • Improved brain function
  • Another great reason to add more protein in your diet is that it helps your brain function better, especially as it makes you feel less fatigued and hungry which as a result helps you think clearer and stay more focused during the day!

  • Increases the speed of recovery of injuries and helps with looking after tendons
  • Protein can help increase the speed of recovering from injuries and help heal tissue within your body including your tendons so that you can get back to your normal workout schedule and lifestyle even faster.

  • May help with lowering blood pressure
  • It has been reported in some studies that eating protein along with a healthy diet can help with lowering blood pressure, having high blood pressure can cause many different terrible health conditions so this is another reason to up that protein!

  • Say goodbye to belly fat!
  • With all these benefits combined one amazing benefit of having more protein in your diet is that it will help shed those extra kilos on your belly. Which not only will make you look slim and fit but also is great for your overall health.

  • Helps maintain beautiful healthy hair and nails!
  • Why is protein important for this? Because your nails and hair are mainly made of proteins your hair will thank you for nourishing it and keeping it strong with keeping up the protein in your daily diet.

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