Let us maca you feel good.

If you have seen the name ‘maca’ floating around and haven’t felt compelled to add it to your supplements repertoire just yet, let us make a case for adding it to your next smoothie and making it a ‘go-to’ during isolation times. 

Known as the Peruvian answer to ginseng, maca is a cruciferous plant that can be found growing in the Andes Mountains some 13,000 feet above sea level. Closely related to broccoli, cabbage and kale, this hard working plant has traditionally been used to help enhance fertility and to increase libido. Just what the doctor ordered during isolation right?

When it comes to increasing the good time vibes, maca’s claim to face has been scientifically backed by several studies. A study published in 2010 found that over a 100 participants recorded experiencing an improved sexual desire within 6 weeks of ingesting maca on a regular basis. However, fertility and sexy times aside, maca offers plenty of added benefits.

As a known mood elevator, maca is the kind of supplement that will help you reach a glass half full approach to life. During these uncertain times, maintaining your mental wellbeing will become as important as maintaining your physical health, so add a teaspoon of maca to your smoothies, acai bowls or to your cereal to give your body a boost of flavonoids which have been linked to elevating your mood. 

Now that we have covered the feel good aspects of maca, let’s talk about the performance benefits. As a much loved supplement amongst athletes and bodybuilders, maca powder has been linked to helping increase muscle mass and strength as well as helping maintain stamina. So while you may have hung up your gym shoes for now, help keep your home workouts on track with a little help from this Peruvian wonder. 

So how to use your full-size, energy packed, mood-boosting, good-time maca powder you ask?

Add it to your smoothies

Why not start with this energy boosting maca smoothie whipped up by resident Happy Way nutritionist Malissa Fedele. Give your usual morning espresso the kind of makeover that will give you sustained energy throughout the day, will help elevate your mood and will help keep you focused and motivated if you are working from home. If you don’t have the coffee flavour Happy Way powder sitting at home, use your regular go-to flavour. Get to blending and enjoy the benefits.


Add it to your smoothie bowls

Give your morning smoothie bowls an energy makeover with the addition of maca powder. If you are experiencing period cramps or going through menopause, this addition will be especially beneficial for helping rebalance your hormones and manage your cramps, aches and pains. This delicious smoothie bowl is made using bananas, however you can add your maca powder to any fruit and protein powder combination of your choice.


Hot cross bun protein balls

Easter is not cancelled, it’s just taking on a new look this year so put on your rabbit ears and get to blending, rolling and making these super delicious protein balls with the kids. With a delicious and healthy take on the much loved Easter staple, these Happy Way hot cross bun protein balls will deliver much needed Easter cheer and nostalgic flavor. The bonus is that they will give your kids a clean and sustained dose of energy. Why not whip up a batch and leave them in the fridge for the kids to enjoy as they please. Better yet, practice random acts of kindness and leave a batch at your neighbours door. Enjoy.


Needing a little more inspiration in the kitchen? Then don’t forget to check out the Happy Way YouTube Recipe Channel where you can gain more tips on how to use your free Maca, Cacao and Acai singles packs.

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