Great breakfast in bed ideas for Mother's Day? We have you covered (1)


Breakfast in bed is the cornerstone of any good Mother’s Day. It’s the perfect way to say thank you and to spoil mum straight out of the gate. And let’s be honest, what better way to start a day of indulgence than with an excuse to spend a little more time in bed.

If mum's the chef of the house then all our Happy way husbands, partners and children may be looking for a simple way to execute a hotel worthy breakfast. The good news is that with a few great breakfast in bed ideas and tips from our resident nutritionist and chef Malissa Fedele, you will be able to pull this off with ease.

These recipes have been designed for maximum flavor and minimum effort, just the way we like to spend our time in the kitchen. The best part is that it’s an excuse to gather the kids around the kitchen bench and to spend some quality time together before mum wakes up.   

Happy Way has pulled together some of our favourite recipes to spoil all those mums, mums in waiting, dads filling the roles of a mum and all those special people in our lives that deserve a little love.  The best part is that these recipes are wickedly delicious and a healthy takes on some classics.

Happy Way Vanilla French Toast

There is French toast then there is Happy Way’s Vanilla French toast. With added vanilla protein powder it not only tastes like something you would order at your favourite breakfast spot, it also happens to be super good for you. Using coconut milk, instead of dairy, it also means it’s easier on the tummy and will cure all those sugar cravings for the mums that have a sweet tooth. Top this breakfast in bed meal with berries and orange zest and it’s the kind of breakfast mum will be talking about for weeks to come.


Mocha Breakfast Oats

Our next great breakfast in bed meal is perfect if your mum loves her oats and coffee, why not combine two of her favourite breakfast staples with the Happy Way mocha breakfast oats. Packed full of antioxidant rich dates and gut-friendly rolled oats, this breakfast will not only satisfy the taste buds but will also leave your mum with bounds of energy. The best part is that there is no need to brew the kettle. The flavour comes from the Happy Way coffee protein powder. Delish!


Triple Choc Fudge Peanut Butter and Jelly Breakfast Oats

Ok kids, if you’re after something super fancy but easy to make, then this Triple Choc fudge peanut butter and jelly recipe is the breakfast in bed snack for you! Now, don’t let the name put you off. You don’t need to be Gordon Ramsay to pull this one off. What you do need however is a jar for your serving and some of your best layering skills. Packed full of healthy oats, chia seeds, coconut milk and strawberries this breakfast tastes so good your mum will mistake it for a guilty treat. Imagine how impressed she will be when she learns it’s actually super healthy too.



Banana Breakfast Smoothie

Ok, so now that you have made your French toast or oats, why not add a smoothie to the serving tray as well. We know mum will be snapping and sharing her breakfast on social media so why not add some pretty colours to the serving tray.  The Happy Way banana breakfast smoothie is easy to make and tastes like thick shake sans the guilt. All you will need is your mum’s favourite Happy Way protein powder and a few kitchen staples. We have opted for the Vanilla flavour but you can use any existing flavour you have in the pantry.



Fruity Green Breakfast Smoothie

If your mum loves a healthy green smoothie to start her day then this recipe will leave her feeling all kinds of warm and fuzzy from the inside out. Packed full of antioxidant rich greens such as zucchini, spinach and avocado, it’s like offering her a beauty treatment from the inside out. It’s also the perfect partner to those slightly more rich breakfast choices such as the French toast. We say oui oui to pairing the two.

Cherry Ripe Smoothie Bowl

This one goes out to all the mums that love posting their meals on Instagram and the partners and children that love decorating in the kitchen. Now, before you ask, yes, this smoothie bowl does taste even better than it sounds. When you combine the Happy Way triple choc fudge protein powder and cherries, what you get is the kind of flavour combination that will leave mum on cloud 9 for days to come. Warning, it tastes so good you may want to have a second bowl prepared for when mum asks for seconds. 


Gretty Rose Pancake Recipe 

Now, when it comes to pancake recipes, the Happy Way YouTube page offers a treasure trove of delicious options. But what better way to start mother’s day than to whip up a delicious recipe developed by Gretty Rose and prepared in the Happy Way kitchen with her little Zahara. These chocolate berry pancakes are not only super easy to make, but also they taste like something you would order at your go-to pancake kitchen. So gather your children or siblings and get to mixing and baking Gretty Rose style.



Happy Way Hot Chocolate

Our final great breakfast in bed idea is the delicious Happy Way hot chocolate. We’re all for healthy recipes, the very basis for our Happy Way kitchen, but we’re equally into balance and indulging every once in a while. We know that Mother’s Day is one of those days when the women in our lives deserve to get spoilt and this hot chocolate recipe will make them feel just that. One part indulgent, one part good for the soul, this hot chocolate recipe is made using real cacao chocolate. This means while it is a little naughty, it’s full of antioxidants and the good stuff. See… balance. Enjoy. 


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