• 2 1/2 teaspoons instant dry active yeast
  • 1 cup warm water 
  • 2 1/2 cups plain flour (+ extra for benchtop)
  • 1/2 cup (60g) Flavourless Protein Powder (whey or vegan)
  • 1/2 teaspoon kosher salt 
  • 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil (+ extra for bowl)



  1. To activate the yeast, add to the warm water and allow to sit for 5 minute, or until small bubbles start to form on top of the water. 
  2. In a separate bowl, which together the flour, salt and protein powder.
  3. Add the yeast water and olive oil to the dry mixture and mix until a dough forms.
  4. Remove dough from bowl and knead on a well floured surface for 5 minutes.
  5. Oil a bowl lightly and place the dough inside. Cover and set aside for the dough to rise for at least 1 hour. 
  6. Remove the dough from the bowl and divide into desired portions.
  7. Flour a benchtop and roll out dough portions into pizza bases to desired thickness. 

*We recommend cooking at 200c for 15 minutes on a pizza tray that has holes, so that the base is crunchy. 


Nutritional information based on 2 pizza's
(NOTE: you can get 2-4 pizza base portions out of the above ingredients so this can be less) 

Calories 714 | Protein 29.3g | Carbohydrates 101.7g | Fat 20.8g