As a friend and proud Happy Way ambassador, Ashy Bines speaks our language. She is passionate about health and wellness, and is dedicated to empowering people across the globe with the tools and knowledge that allow them to live their best life! Ashy is all about getting back to balance and helping people regain their strength, self confidence and their personal power is her mission. At Happy Way, we have collaborated with Ashy several times now, and we most recently launched her new Choc Caramel protein powder, in both whey and vegan varieties. 

As a mother, wife, entrepreneur, personal trainer, speaker and activewear designer, Ashy Bines is a very busy woman! This is why we are super grateful that she took some time out of her day to sit down and chat with us about all things health, wellness and Happy Way!

What is your advice for staying on track with a healthy diet to maintain weight?

Staying on track, for me, it’s really important for you to find things that you love to do and that you enjoy to do. So when it comes to your fitness, when it comes to your food, or your protein powders, make sure that you actually enjoy them and that you look forward to them, because that means that you’ll stay on track. If you are dreading eating something or you’re dreading doing a specific type of exercise, you’ll probably make an excuse not to get it done - then you won't be consistent and then you’re back on that negative spiral of giving up, starting again and in a negative headspace. 

Where do you start when you want to change your life to be more healthy, fit and happy?

A starting point I would recommend is to reach out for support and have an accountability buddy. When you have accountability buddies and support it just makes the whole process that much smoother and easier. 

What is your go-to smoothie?

It's a very tricky question because I don't really feel like I have a go-to smoothie. In my app we have hundreds of different options, and smoothies are so great because you can change things up to whatever you’re craving - you can make that in a smoothie - and also pack it full of nutrients. But definitely anything chocolate and caramel, obviously that's why I brought out Triple Choc Fudge and Choc Caramel! They're my definite, definite go-to’s, and I always use banana as a base because it just makes it sooo thick and creamy.  

Do you use Happy Way everyday?

Yes! Now, I don't train everyday but protein powder doesn't just have to be after your training. It can also be put into your smoothies, have it as a snack - also at about 3 o’clock in the afternoon I always crave something sweet and Choc Caramel is just like the perfect hit for me!

If you were to make another flavour, what would it be?

Well... I would love to tell you but I can't because we are working on a few more flavours which is super, super exciting! But if you follow along I'm pretty sure you can guess a few of my top flavours when it comes to clean treats or smoothie combinations - so stay tuned!

Are you a sweet tooth?

MASSIVE sweet tooth and once again that's why Triple Choc Fudge and Choc Caramel are my top two flavours I wanted to bring out. They're really, really sweet, but not a sickening overpowering sweet either - but yeah, massively sweet over savoury any day! 

Do you prefer vegan or whey?

I have a lot more vegan as it does digest in my tummy better, but in saying that Happy Way protein powder is organic and is all natural - the ingredients are so clean that my body does tolerate whey quite well. I prefer whey because it is thicker, creamier and sweeter - but the vegan ones are so delicious as well, so it's pretty hard to choose!

What goals are you trying to smash in 2021?

To be honest I'm not a real goal setting kinda person. When it comes to the start of each year I set an intention and I choose a couple of words that are really aligned with what I'm trying to feel and what I’m trying to achieve that year. But a massive goal for me is to just remain really healthy, really balanced and really connected to those around me. 

What do you love better, Triple Choc Fudge or Choc Caramel?

OMG that’s a really hard question! If I had to choose…..Like if Ben and Hien from Happy Way came to me and said, “We are gonna discontinue one, you can only have one”….hmmmmm.  I feel like the Choc Fudge is more versatile, I can do more with that, but I'm gonna have to say Choc Caramel. I just LOVE caramel - I'll go Choc Caramel!

What are you most looking forward to in the future?

Expanding my family hopefully, I would love to bring another little human into the world! We absolutely love our little man Taj so that would be the most exciting thing. For me life is all about family, connection and love. But also just continue to grow myself, be really open minded and have really strong, authentic, deep connections with my loved ones. 

If you had to pick only one exercise at the gym and you had to do it forever what would it be?

I think I would choose a deadlift because it works all of your posterior chain. I think especially when we get older we need to really focus on our posture, and a lot of my work is done at a desk, so I feel like that works everything. It brings your shoulders back, works your lower back, your hamstrings, your glutes - so yep, deadlift for me.  

Check out Ashy Bines Happy Way protein powders here! 

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