We know that fat burners are some of the hardest working supplements in our pantries. They are the kind of pre-workout that will take our gym sessions from ordinary to extraordinary heights. But not to be typecast as the leading role in a workout video, fat burners are extremely resourceful and crave a little versatility in their repertoire. Sure fat burners love a good gym session, but did you know that they also enjoy taking the role as the understudy for your morning coffee? In fact, there is a place for fat burners for almost every occasion. Whether as a morning drink, something to tie you through to your next meal or as an energy booster when you’re feeling flat, fat burners are about as versatile as Leonardo DiCaprio's acting repertoire. 

An alternative to your morning coffee 

If you feel like you have been waking up on the wrong side of the bed lately and the winter blues are setting in, then a fat burner first thing in the morning could be the answer. Swap out your morning coffee for a Happy Way mango fat burner for a little taste of summer and energy that will leave you bouncing out the door. The added benefit is that you won't be experiencing a mid-morning slump with fat burners working to stabilise blood sugar levels for longer.  


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To kick start your metabolism…

If a prep in your step is not a good enough reason to have a fat burner in the morning then your metabolism may help push you over the edge. Your metabolism naturally slows down as you sleep, meaning it is at its slowest in the morning. Taking a fat burner 30 to 40 minutes before you have your breakfast will help kick start your resting metabolic rate and fat burning process ensuring you burn more calories throughout the day even when sedentary on your morning commute. This will also help set you on track with your food consumption for the day, helping keep you feeling fuller for longer and helping regulate those sugar cravings.



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During intermittent fasting

We have been seeing this fancy diet trend floating around lately, but truth be told, intermittent fasting has been around for longer than the world wide net. Fasting has been carried out for health and spiritual reasons for centuries and while a relatively new health phenomenon, the benefits are plenty. From weight loss to helping lower cholesterol, the health benefits of skipping your morning meal have been documented. So if you are willing to give up your morning eggs and bacon and eat your first meal at midday, a fat burner may aid in keeping you feeling fuller for longer in the morning.



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Before the gym

Take your workout to the next level by using your fat burner as a pre-workout, ideally 30 minutes before you exercise. Whether you plan on running, walking, lifting, pushing or pulling, a pre-workout can help elevate your session from a solid workout to superwoman heights in several ways. As a stimulant which works to increase your metabolic rate, a fat burner will help increase both your stamina and focus and will leave you with added energy to smash through your workout. With the Happy Way fat burner range containing a potent mix of BCAA's (Leucine, Isoleucine & Valine), taking this pre-workout will also help minimise muscle wear and tear and will help speed up your recovery process. That is because BCAA's bypass the liver and travel straight to where they are needed most, the muscles, in turn starting the muscle-synthesis process a lot quicker. This is why we call Fat Burners the most important gym partner you will ever have. 



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In the afternoon

Feeling that 3pm energy slump coming on?

There is a reason the Happy Way team all keep a fat burner on their desk. Providing the perfect 3:30 itis cure, it not only tastes like a balmy summer's night, but also delivers the energy needed to smash through the rest of the day. Containing green coffee bean extract, it helps keep our team more alert and focused. It also prevents us from reaching for a sugar filled alternative such as an energy drink or the cookie jar. It's a no brainer! 

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