Embarking on a running journey can be both exhilarating and daunting, especially if you're new to the sport. But fear not! With the right approach and mindset, you can lace up your shoes and confidently hit the pavement. Here are some essential tips from our girl Dianna (@diannayota), who last year embarked on her own new running journey.  

1. Invest in Proper Running Shoes

One of the most crucial aspects of running is ensuring you have the right footwear. Invest in a pair of proper running shoes that are tailored to your specific needs. This will help prevent injuries and keep you comfortable throughout your run. Personally, I swear by my Mizuno Wave Rider 26 for all my running endeavours.

2. Choose Quality Active Wear

Comfort is key when it comes to running attire. Invest in high-quality activewear that provides support and flexibility. Avoid distractions by opting for pieces that fit well and stay in place throughout your run. Trust me, you'll thank yourself later!

3. Start Slow and Set Realistic Goals

When starting out, it's important to set realistic and achievable goals for yourself. Begin with a distance or time that feels manageable for your current fitness level. For instance, try alternating between one minute of running and one minute of walking for a total of 10 minutes. Remember, running is a personal journey, so don't compare yourself to others. Focus on your progress and celebrate each milestone along the way. I’ve put together some further interval training for you below! 

4. Embrace a Slow Pace

Building endurance and strength takes time, so don't rush it. Start by running at a slow pace that allows you to maintain proper form and breathing. This will help your body adapt to the demands of running and reduce the risk of injury. Remember, consistency is key, so keep moving forward at your own pace. 

5. Stay Hydrated and Replenish Electrolytes

Hydration is essential for optimal performance and recovery, especially during longer runs or hot weather. Be sure to hydrate before and after your run, and consider drinking water or electrolyte-rich beverages during your workout, particularly for distances over 10km. Happy Way's Lemon Lime Electrolytes with their Creatine are my go-to for pre- and mid-run hydration, followed by the refreshing Tropical Crush Protein Water post-run.



6. Warm Up, Cool Down, and Add Strength Training

To support your running journey, prioritise warming up and cooling down with proper stretches. Additionally, incorporate strength training into your routine, focusing on isometric movements to target muscles used for running, such as quads, glutes, hamstrings, and calves. I've included a weighted workout below to help you get started!

7. Join a Run Club

Don't underestimate the power of a run club! It's a fantastic way to stay motivated, meet new people, and make running a fun social activity. Running is all the rage in 2024, so finding a local club should be a breeze.

By following these beginner running tips, you'll be well-equipped to start your running journey on the right foot. Remember to listen to your body, stay consistent, and, most importantly, have fun along the way. Happy running! 🏃‍♀️🌟  x Dianna


Checkout my warm up video here: https://youtube.com/shorts/oR7uWai9zts?feature=share 

Checkout my cool down video here: https://youtu.be/VvpxLPlXC6Q 

Checkout my strength workout video here: https://youtube.com/shorts/dmNbtISkscg 

3 x 8-10 reps of each exercise, on each side of the body. 

  • single leg deadlifts 
  • single leg hip thrusts 
  • single leg double pulse lunges 
  • single leg calf raises 
  • single leg standing leg raises

BEGINNERS Interval training - walk, jog & sprints. 

Week 1
Can start with 5 min walk, then 30 secs sprint and 30 seconds walk recovery x 10. (5 min cool down walk)

Week 2
Then move to 5 min walk. 45 sec sprint, 30 sec walk recovery x 10.

Walking cool down 5 mins 

Week 3
After that 5 min walk. 60 sec sprint, 30 sec recovery walk x 10. Walking cooldown 5 mins

Week 4
5 mins walk. 60 sec sprint, 60 sec walk or light jog x 10. Walking cooldown 5 mins

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