rekindle your love affair with exercise

Looking to rekindle your love affair with exercise. KX May be the answer

If you have been looking to rekindle your love affair with fitness by trying something a little different, then KX Pilates may be the answer you have been looking for. Described as a ‘revolutionary, fast-paced, high intensity, full body toning workout’, it’s the fitness class loved by the crème de la crème of Australia’s fitness set.
Closer to home, it is the go-to exercise of some of our favourite HAPPY WAY devotees such as Jessica Dover. So what makes this fusion between traditional reformer Pilates and a cardio workout so popular?

We asked KX Pilates Norwood, Unley and Magill owner and instructor James Trenerry to share the five things you need to know before attending your first class. 


It’s for everyone!

The class is suitable for everyone. And when we say everyone, we mean all ages, shapes and sizes. Don’t let the reformer machine intimidate you because each exercise can be taken at your own pace. The resistance springs featured on each reformer machine makes it easy to control the intensity of your exercise. You also don’t need to be flexible, have a strong core or have great coordination for that matter. That is what the classes are there for – to help you build on these areas.



It’s fantastic for individuals who may have back issues.

If you have an existing injury, let your instructor know before the class, and they will be able to adapt certain exercises to meet your needs. Reformer machines were first developed and used to help injured athletes during their rehabilitation and recovery process. This makes KX Pilates classes especially beneficial for individuals experiencing spinal issues or going through post-injury recovery. By helping build a strong core, classes can assist in improving posture and spinal alignment.    


You see results and fast!

A KX Pilates class will work all your major muscle groups such as your chest, legs and back while also targeting your smaller muscles not usually activated during traditional exercise classes. It’s an extremely dynamic class that works to shape, tone and lengthen your entire body. Think of it as combining your strength training gym session and morning run in one fun-filled, 50-minute class. Expect to see results in the definition of your arms, legs, and bum after a few sessions. Let’s not even begin to talk about your abs! It is one of the most effective classes to tone your stomach and stubborn areas around your waistline. 


It’s about length, not mass.

If you are looking to increase your muscle mass without adding bulk, then KX Pilates is a great solution for you. And while KX Pilates won’t lengthen your muscles, as it’s not physically possible, the added flexibility will help you walker taller. This is the result of building a strong core and working on your posture during your exercises.


You can expect to feel the burn!

If you are looking for an exercise that won’t burn, then KX Pilates may not be for you. But let me tell you that it is a good burn. The kind that comes from feeling every single muscle in your body engaged at some point during the class. In fact, you will probably feel muscles you didn’t know you had! Tiny muscles that you don’t activate during regular resistance training and cardio will be making an appearance and your body will start changing shape, becoming leaner and stronger in next to no time. 

Be prepared to struggle to sit the next day! 


It’s a boutique experience.

Each KX Pilates studio holds around 14 reformer machines. This means that you will have an instructor who is able to examine your form and make adjustments when required. When it comes to KX Pilates, even the smallest change in your form and posture can make a big difference to your overall results so you can expect to find our instructors continuously walking around and adjusting everyone’s movements.

A smaller, studio experience also means that you won’t be feeling the tension of an overcrowded gym or fitness class. And while you will feel the burn, you will also be able to relax during your class. Practising Pilates is known to release endorphins, causing the body to feel more relaxed and Zen. 

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