So, you've purchased some whey protein powder. Good for you! We hope you love it as much as we do!

Whey protein powder is used by many! Women, men, athletes, sportspeople, and bodybuilders use it for various reasons. Some may use it before or after a workout, and others may use it to increase their intake of protein.  

We love how easy and versatile whey protein powder can be! It's commonly enjoyed as a shake or smoothie. But some people like to add their whey protein powder to their morning pancakes or include it in their yoghurt or overnight oats too. It adds extra flavour and provides additional benefits! That's the whey! 

You may be wondering which flavours to choose from and how best to enjoy them. Here at Happy Way, we have eight delicious whey protein powder flavours to choose from, including Ashy Bines' triple choc fudge. View the full collection of whey protein powder here

Available are vanillachoc peanut butterbananachocolatecoffeesalted caramelberry, and Ashy Bines' tripe choc fudge. Stuck on which one to choose from? Ah, don't worry about that! We also have the rocket protein travel pack, which includes six 60 gram whey protein flavours (chocolate, vanilla, berry, coffee, salted caramel, and banana). So, to answer your question: what can I mix whey protein powder with, here are our suggestions.

The quickest whey to enjoy them is to shake 30 grams of your favourite Happy Way whey protein powder in a jar or shaker and add 250mls of water, milk or nut milk to it. 

Like we said before, you can also mix 30 grams into your oats, natural yoghurt, or smoothie. For optimal results, consume it twice a day!

If you're looking for a yummy breakfast to make tomorrow morning using your chocolate flavoured whey protein powder, then here's what to add to it to make this DELICIOUS recipe.

Chocolate Happy Way Protein Pancakes

For this recipe you'll need four eggs, two mashed bananas, three-quarters of a cup of rolled oats, a quarter of a cup of chocolate flavoured whey protein powder, two tablespoons of cacao powder, and two tablespoons of almond milk. 

To make these irresistible pancakes, add all of the ingredients into a blender and blend them until they're smooth and all of the ingredients are well combined. 

Then, grease a frypan over medium heat with butter or oil (your choice) and spoon approximately a quarter of a cup of the batter into the pan. 

Cook each side of the pancakes for approximately one to two minutes, or until cooked. 

Lastly, top your pancakes with your favourite toppings like fruit or maple syrup. Enjoy!

View this recipe here:

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We hope you enjoy your whey protein powders. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us. We love hearing from you.

Also, please make sure you speak with your health care professional before using any whey protein powder or supplement. It's best to ensure you're using the best products for your health and body. 

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