Healthy Morning Routine Tips: 5 things to do before you check your Instagram in the morning

Here is the world’s worst kept secret – morning people don’t check their Instagram the minute their alarm goes off. In fact, many of them don’t even have Instagram on their phones (but we wouldn’t expect you to make that kind of sacrifice).

This is because as all well trained morning people know, setting yourself up to have the energy of someone that has just returned from vacation for the rest of the day takes work. And this work doesn’t involve a good dose of comparison, self-doubt and wondering why you’re having to get ready for work while the rest of the world is seemingly sipping cocktails at an exotic location.

Now, the pitfalls of social media aside, studies have shown that checking your socials and even emails as soon as you wake up can not only leave you feeling overwhelmed, but can leave you directionless for the rest of the day. So rather than reaching for your phone, here are some healthy morning routine tips where we will cover 5 things you can do to set yourself up for a productive and most importantly stress free day. 

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Stretch it out

Don’t stress it out, stretch it out. Ease your body into the day and wake up your circulatory system with a few simple stretches.  This will not only help ease aches and pains that come from both inactivity and exercise, but will also give your mind, body and soul and opportunity to ease into the day.  

Oil Pull

Oil what? Oil Pull. The process of mouth washing using olive or coconut oil has been practiced for centuries and provides a natural alternative to alcohol based mouth washes. This healthy morning routine activity will not only kill all the bacteria that accumulates on your tongue and mouth throughout the night, it also works to detoxify the rest of your body and helps improve your digestion.



Hydrate before you dehydrate

While a coffee is often the first drink we reach for in the morning, a glass of warm water with lemon and ginger is the hero you should be reaching for. Adding this to your healthy morning routine will not only help wake up your digestive system and detoxify your system, it also has help you manage your weight and have better skin.


Healthy Morning Routine Tips: 5 Things To Do Before You Check Your Instagram In The Morning (1)



Practice gratitude over comparison

They say comparison is the thief of joy and as strong minded as one may be, social media has prompted an age of self-evaluation through the lives of others. So rather than waking up to compete, wake up to be thankful. Research has shown that your thoughts can directly impact on your mood and the direction of your day. Practising gratitude by writing down 5 things you are grateful for every morning can change the entire direction of your day.


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Become a lists person

Life is busy. You’re busy. We’re all busy. And in the chaos of managing work, family, friendships and our own well-being, we can often be left feeling directionless and overwhelmed. Studies have shown that people who write lists and prioritise their tasks as part of their morning routine not only achieve more, but they do so with less stress. Start small and make accomplishable goals.


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