If you know Happy Way well, then you would know that our vegan protein powder range has reached cult status. It’s the kind of supplement sitting in the cupboards of the health-conscious, the beauty conscious and gym and sport devotes the world over. Now, before you even have to ask, when it comes to our whey and vegan range, they pack an equal punch. That is because our entire vegan range offers a complete protein profile, containing all nine essential amino acids necessary in the human diet. So if you have been eyeing off our cacao mint hemp protein powder or peanut butter flavour, you’re in luck because they are equally beneficial. 

Now that we have established the benefits of both vegan and whey supplements, you may be wondering, why try vegan protein powder at all? If your cupboard is sitting pretty with a whey protein range or you don’t believe that you need protein powder supplements at all, we’re here to twist your arm albeit ever so lightly. When it comes to protein powder, the connotation between the gym and this trending supplement has long been shattered. As the building block of all tissue in our bodies, protein powder is essential for our overall health and daily functioning. 

If you have been eyeing off our vegan range, we make a case for adding it into your baskets pronto.


8 reasons to give vegan protein a go (1)


It will help you meet your daily protein intake

Whether you are vegan, lead a busy lifestyle or simply don’t subscribe to a meat heavy diet, whatever your reasons may be, reaching your daily protein intake may take added effort from time to time. Although the recommended daily intake may vary from person to person, dietary guidelines recommend that both men and women intake .80grams of protein daily for every kilo of body weight. That means that the average male should be consuming 56grams of protein while the average female should be consuming 46grams daily. Meeting these requirements is not only essential for those looking to recover faster or to add muscle mass but is crucial to our overall health and wellbeing. For signs of protein deficiency, see here. 


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It’s super convenient

If you are wondering what 50grams of protein looks like in theory, then let us place it in perspective for you. Meetings one’s recommended daily intake of protein may sound like a steak, two hard-boiled eggs, a handful of almonds and a serving of yoghurt. For busy mums, women on the run and for those who do not eat meat every day, vegan protein offers a convenient way to reach your recommended daily intake. A single-serve of the Happy Way vegan protein powder range contains an average of 21.6grams of protein, making it an easy and convenient way to add more protein to your baked goods, smoothies, morning shakes, and even to your cereal. Swap your steak for a scoop on the run. It’s as easy as that! 

It’s a suitable alternative to whey protein

Those who are lactose intolerant or may have milk allergies will often find themselves experiencing digestive issues and discomfort when consuming whey-based protein powders. That is because individuals with lactose intolerance’s and similar food allergies don’t have sufficient lactase enzymes in their bodies to be able to digest whey-based products properly. That is when vegan protein powders can step in to offer a suitable alternative. While some vegan protein powders don’t provide a complete amino acids profile, the Happy Way vegan range combines rice and peas to provide a complete protein source. That means you can repair, build and support your immunity without the cramps and bloat. 


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It will help you maintain healthy locks

When it comes to protein powder, the benefits extend way beyond building muscle mass and helping those tired muscles recover. If you are looking to boost those locks or keep your hair from thinning, then the benefits of adding protein powder into your morning smoothies are plentiful. Our hair follicles are made almost entirely out of protein, which means that a lack of protein in our diets can also lead to hair loss. So rather than cracking eggs and putting them into your hair, why not help boost your hair follicles and strength from within? Consider your morning smoothie a hair mask from the inside out. 


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It will help give you radiant skin and strong nails 

As one of the building blocks of tissue, protein is essential to keeping our skin plump, healthy and vibrant. Beyond boosting the skins natural elasticity and health, protein also contains two key amino acids, L-lysine and L-proline, which helps boost the body’s production of collagen. As we age, our natural production of collagen tends to decline, however adding a scoop of protein powder into your smoothies can help slow down this process. Consider it an essential part of your beauty routine, something that goes a little like, cleanser, toner, moisturiser and a protein powder shake. 


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It will deliver an added dose of superfoods to your diet

If the word ‘superfood’ is something you have been looking into adding to your supplements repertoire, then let us make a case for doing it pronto. When it comes to superfoods, run don’t walk because these food wonders are packed full of free-radical fighting, health-boosting antioxidants. With a recognition that our Happy Way superwomen are busy, multitasking queens, we have taken the extra step of adding a superfood mix into all our vegan (and whey) protein powders. So no need to add chia seeds, Maca and psyllium husk into your morning smoothies because we have already done it for you. 


It’s a great tool for weight management

One of the most commonly asked questions at Happy Way HQ is, will protein powder make me gain weight? The short answer is no. The only way that protein shakes can make you gain weight is if you fill them with added fats and calories without tracking your intake. On how to avoid a protein shake calorie blow out, see here. On the contrary, if used accordingly, vegan protein shakes can actually help you manage your weight by promoting satiety and keeping you feeling fuller for longer. In addition to this, protein actually helps you burn more calories throughout the day. Due to a high thermic effect, protein actually helps boost your metabolism, which makes it a perfect snack for days spent in the office with less movement. 

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