If you are new to the fitness or are looking to take your workout recovery up a notch, then you may have entered a rabbit hole of smoothie recipes and delicious protein treats. So where does one start, you may be wondering. Before you get overwhelmed, let us help you with the basics. Begin by choosing a protein powder that suits your dietary needs and lifestyle choices. If you are wondering how to choose between whey and vegan, we have simplified the process for you here. Next, choose a liquid of your choice. Whether it be milk, a lactose-free alternative or coconut water, whatever your selection may be, the Happy Way protein powder range will go down a treat with its chosen partner. Now we get to the fun part, choosing your fillers. From bananas and berries to peanut butter and coconut oil, add the kind of ingredients which suit your nutritional needs. But just in case you needed a little helping hand, we have collated 6 of our fail-proof, easy and equally delicious recipes to appease all needs. 

6 Simple Smoothie Recipes For All Needs (1)

For the vegan

Post-workout recovery smoothie

Whether you lead a vegan lifestyle or simply can’t stomach whey, the Happy Way vegan protein powder range offers a delicious and equally beneficial alternative. Made using rice and pea protein, it provides nine essential amino acids to make it a complete source of protein. That means when it comes to speeding your post-workout recovery or speeding up muscle growth; the vegan range packs an equal punch. If you’re wondering where to start, the vanilla flavour offers the perfect base for this delicious and healthy post-workout smoothie. Packed full of the good stuff like coconut water, bananas and dates, this quick and easy recipe will form the basis of your post-workout routine.


For the coffee lover

The Happy Way Banana Coffee Smoothie

If you are new to fitness and want to do something good for your body in the morning, why not swap out your regular short black for a coffee smoothie instead. Give your Nespresso a boost with the kind of ingredients that will help keep your energy levels sustained throughout the day. With protein taking longer than carbohydrates to breakdown, having a coffee protein smoothie will ensure you support your energy levels beyond your morning commute. If you don’t have the Happy Way banana protein powder sitting in your cupboard, any flavour will do.


For weight management

The Happy Way peanut butter smoothie

If you have recently embarked on a fitness journey to help manage your weight or are looking for a healthy smoothie that will stop you from snacking all day, then this Happy Way protein peanut butter smoothie is the answer. With the inclusion of real peanut butter as well as protein, this shake will help promote satiety, keeping you from reaching for the snack drawer when 3:30itis hits. Whip it up for breakfast or make it your lunch. Whatever meal you choose to replace with this delicious recipe, you won’t be disappointed.



For a treat

The Happy Way Salted Caramel, Banana and Mixed Berry Smoothie

Ok, we know this wickedly delicious smoothie recipe sounds like something that would require a lot of time, effort and ingredients, but here at Happy Way, we’re all about convenience. In fact, all you will really need is the cult Happy Way salted caramel protein powder and ingredients you already have sitting in your fridge. Packed full of antioxidant-rich berries, gut-friendly yoghurt and everyone’s favourite smoothie staple, bananas, this is the kind of recipe that will satisfy both the taste buds and those hard-working muscles.


For the fitness devotee

The Sophie Guidolin Breakfast Smoothie 

If you want to train like one of your favourite bodybuilders and fitness queen, then chances that you will probably want to eat like her too. That is why Happy Way was more than happy to ask Sophie Guidolin to come into our kitchen and to share with us her go-to breakfast smoothie. Using her go-to Happy Way coffee protein powder, this morning smoothie will keep you feeling full, energised and even has a skin-friendly ingredient that will leave you looking radiant from the inside out. A Sophie Guidolin approved smoothie is one we will be bookmarking pronto!



For New Mums 

The Happy Way Breastfeeding Smoothie

One of the most commonly asked questions at Happy Way HQ is whether our protein powders can be taken while pregnant and breastfeeding. The answer is yes because our entire protein powder range has been developed using organic, GMO-free ingredients. So that means that if you are pregnant or a new mum still breastfeeding, you can step back into your fitness regime and that morning smoothie with ease. This delicious Happy Way breastfeeding recipe has been developed using the kind of ingredients which will not only assist milk supply but will also fill your body with the type of nutrients it needs.


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