There are many successful, powerful, kick-ass females out there in the world, many of whom are the GIRL BOSS of their own business and inspiring others to live their best life on the daily! One of these inspirational women is fitness queen and Happy Way ambassador Rachel Dillon, who is the face and force behind one of Australia’s biggest fitness empires, MOVE WITH US.

Rachel has also launched her own brand of clothing—Crop Shop Boutique—designed to be worn as everyday 'athleisure', perfect for both in and out of the gym. If that ain’t enough, Rachel has previously been crowned WBFF Bikini World Champion, not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES! And yet, after achieving all of this, Rachel’s proudest accomplishment is the community she has helped create and watch grow at MOVE WITH US.

Through her wellness programs at MOVE WITH US, Rachel and her team help transform the lives and mindsets of thousands of people, focusing on accountability, tracking goals and supporting women (and men) throughout their health and wellness journeys. There’s a program suitable for everyone—from the fitness beginner to the workout regular—and each of these training programs can be done at home or in the gym.
The programs available at MOVE WITH US are FIT, STRONG and BUSY GIRL WORKOUTS, with each running for different lengths and targeting specific fitness needs and goals. Each program comes with a customised meal guide, access to hundreds of recipes and support from Rachel’s team throughout the experience, all via the MOVE WITH US app—sign us up please!
One of Rachel’s goals is to turn fitness from a chore, into a way of life that can not only be enjoyable, but super rewarding also. As Rachel says, ‘My mission is to share the true transformative power of fitness with the world. Health and fitness have truly empowered me to become the best version of myself. I’ve created a positive lifestyle. I became stronger, mentally and physically. I learned discipline. I grew in confidence. I unlocked my potential and discovered exactly what I’m capable of achieving’.
We reached out to Rachel and her team to get a bit of a ‘behind the scenes’ look at Move With Us, and to find out what makes Move With Us the best fitness program out there!
Move With Us team

Tell us how MOVE WITH US came about?

Move With Us, formerly known as Bodies By Rachel, first began in 2015, when Rachel Dillon began coaching with 1:1 clients and HIIT camps with groups of women from her hometown.

As Bodies By Rachel grew rapidly, so did Rachel’s passion for helping women and she knew she wanted to share this journey with many, many more women—this led to her making the transition to online coaching. As we watched our community grow and continue to transform their lives, we decided it was our turn to evolve and become Move With Us.

Move With Us is all about feeling empowered through movement—to move your mind, your body, and your soul, with us.

But none of this would’ve been possible without the incredible love and support of our community. This business has always been about one thing, our clients, and that will never, ever change. ⁣

What’s the philosophy behind the MOVE WITH US brand?

Our mission has always been to help women everywhere transform their minds, hearts and bodies. Building a movement for every body has always meant standing side-by-side with the women who join us, and championing them along their journey.

Rachel Dillon is the face behind MOVE WITH US—can you tell us some fun facts about Rachel (that not many people know) and what inspires her to do what she does?

Rachel is from a small regional town in North Queensland. She’s lived in Melbourne and Sydney, but nothing feels more like home than living in Queensland. Rachel’s goal from the start has always been to help educate and transform as many women’s lives as possible—to show women how much fitness could change their lives, the way it has changed hers.

Rachel Dillon

What’s the one misconception around health and fitness that you want to clear up right now?

Lifting weights will not make you bulky! Achieving a so-called “bulky” look for a woman requires a particular type of training and nutrition protocols. Please don't be scared to gain muscle—it's often a necessary step to building your dream figure. At Move With Us, our goal is to help you achieve your goals no matter what they are, and we're here to provide all the support and tools you need to do so.

If you could give advice to anyone looking to start their health and fitness journey, what would it be?

Just start! Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone. Remember, we all started somewhere, but you have to be willing to learn and put in the effort. Write down your goals and your reasons why, stay consistent, trust the process, celebrate the small wins, and enjoy the journey.

What advice would you like to give to women about nutrition, health and well-being?

Health and fitness are MORE than just working out daily and eating nutritious foods. It is an ongoing journey that also helps us embrace how we feel, create positive habits and relationships, and build a balanced and sustainable lifestyle that we enjoy.⁣

At MWU, we encourage our community to embrace all aspects of their fitness journey to find an approach that works best for them and their lifestyle.

Move With Us meal plans

The MOVE WITH US programs are ideal for who?

Move With Us is for everybody and every body! Whether you’re new to health and fitness or ready to take the next step in your journey, our coaches, our team of expert trainers and accredited dietitians are there to guide you every step of the way.

Do your MOVE WITH US meal plans cater to all dietary requirements?

At Move With Us, we cater to a variety of dietary requirements including vegetarian, vegan, pescatarian, dairy-free, gluten-free, red meat-free, nut-free and seafood-free. We aim to provide you with a nutrition experience like no other with our proven approach to balanced eating that’s been created to help you feel your best every day. Our mission is to help you build positive nutrition habits for life, and our team of accredited dietitians are here to support you in achieving that.

Do you need to be a fitness queen to do the MOVE WITH US programs?

Everybody is welcome at Move With Us—it doesn't matter how much or how little training experience you have, we have options to suit all fitness levels! Our goal is to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Move With Us programs

Do you need to have gym equipment to do the MOVE WITH US programs?

At Move With Us, we provide both home and gym options through our MWU app. Whilst we do recommend minimal equipment with our home option, our app features a tool that lists alternative, no-equipment exercise swaps.

If you're joining us from the comfort of your own home, we do suggest the following equipment pieces:

  1. A set of dumbbells (a lighter pair for upper body movements and a heavier pair for lower body movements).
  2. A pair of ankle weights
  3. Booty/cotton bands
  4. Resistance bands
  5. Skipping rope

Can you share your go-to MOVE WITH US recipe?

Our Busy Girl Recipes are our current favourites, and the feeling is mutual with our community too! These recipes are all about convenience. They’re ideal for those with a busy schedule and are always on the go, as they can be enjoyed with minimal prep time.

Check out the Move With Us website and join their health and fitness programs today!


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