So, you've decided to start using protein powder? Or, perhaps you want to learn more about its uses and why it's so popular? 

So many people use protein powder. It's great for those who are wanting to increase their protein intake or use it before or after a workout.  

Women, men, athletes, sportspeople, and bodybuilders alike use protein powder. It comes from eggs, whey, rice, soy, or a combination of the four. It's made into a powder form, which makes it easy to enjoy in a protein shake, smoothie, or recipe. 

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Protein powders are available in great flavours, such as vanilla, berry, chocolate, and coffee. You can add it to protein balls or your pancakes - they're quite versatile!

There's the option of consuming vegan protein powders too, which are made from plant-based sources. 

It's always nice to know exactly what is in something you're adding to your diet, and supplements are no exception. We often get asked about the sugar content in whey protein powder specifically and the answer is dependent on the brand and flavour you choose. We highly recommend checking out the nutritional information before using it. We also advise speaking with your health care professional before using any protein powder or supplement to make sure you're consuming the best one for your health and body!

So, how much sugar in whey protein? Let's explore the sugar content in some of our whey protein powders

Vanilla whey protein powder

Packed with delicious flavour, our vanilla whey protein powder contains 1.8 grams of sugars per 30-gram serving. It also has 55 milligrams of sodium per 30-gram serving. Its total carbohydrate amount is 3.5 grams per 30-gram serving. 

As for protein, this flavour contains 21.2 grams per 30-gram serving. 

View the full nutritional information here.

Banana whey protein powder

This popular protein powder flavour contains 2.5 grams of sugars per 30-gram serving. As for sodium, it has 45 milligrams per 30-gram serving, and total carbohydrates are 3.9 grams per 30-gram serving.

We love the flavour of this whey protein powder as well as its protein amount. It contains 21.7 grams of protein per 30-gram serving. Add this to your shake and smoothie for a delicious kick!

Learn more about the banana whey protein powder and its nutritional information here.

Choc peanut butter whey protein powder

Don't let the flavour combo put you off. Satisfy your afternoon cravings with this option. It contains 2.4 grams of sugars per 30-gram serving and 42 milligrams of sodium per 30-gram serving. The total carbohydrate amount is 3.4 grams per 30-gram serving.

View the full nutritional information here

Coffee whey protein powder

Cure those caffeine cravings with this whey protein powder. We've included ingredients such as coconut flour, chia seeds, and maca in this great tasting protein powder. 

It contains 1.9 grams of sugars per 30-gram serving and 55 milligrams of sodium per 30-gram serving. In total, its carbohydrate amount is 4.0 grams per 30-gram serving.

It also has 21.2 grams of protein per 30-gram serving. 

Check out the full list of ingredients and nutritional information here.

We hope that answers your questions of how much sugar in whey protein? We have other whey protein powder flavours to choose from, so check them out on our online store. We also have the Rocket Protein Travel Pack available too, which includes six 60-gram whey flavours: chocolate, vanilla, berry, coffee, salted caramel, and banana.

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