Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too? When it comes to finger-licking, lip-smacking flavour sans the guilt, Happy Way is here to deliver every single time. With a squeaky clean, organic protein powder range, some of our cult favourite chocolate flavours offer all the taste and nutrients to match. This Mother's Day, give your mum the kind of healthy ingredients and flavour she truly deserves. 

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For the mum with a sweet tooth 

The Ashy Bines Triple Choc Fudge flavour tastes so good it could be mistaken as a guilty treat. It can be likened to drinking a thick shake rather than a protein shake and let’s be honest, mum won’t be complaining about that. Aside from making it into a delicious post-workout treat, we love to whip ours into vegan choc fudge donuts.


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For the Peanut Butter Lover 

If you have caught mum or the mum in-waiting eating peanut butter straight out of the jar, then this flavour is for her. The Happy Way Choc Peanut Butter Whey flavour tastes a little naughty but offers all the benefits that come with adding more protein to your diet. That means your mum can wave good bye to empty calories and sugar cravings and can satisfy her taste buds the natural way. 

You can even spend time together in the kitchen making it into a peanut butter mousse. 


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For the mum who loves a classic 

If your mum is a class act and loves those traditional kind of flavours then the Happy Way Top of the Choc Whey Protein Powder is made for her. Delicious and versatile, this is the kind of flavour that she can add to all her favourite smoothie combinations and recipes. Why not go the extra mile and surprise her by making your classic childhood treat? Add a dose of nostalgia to your present with these chocolate protein spiders. The 'Better Than Chocolate' Gift Guide (4)



For the vegan warrior

If your mum is vegan, is considering changing up her diet or simply cannot stomach whey protein powders, it doesn’t mean that she needs to miss out on all the fun. The Happy Way vegan range offers the same results and flavour, making it the kind of alternative that is anything but bland and boring. 

If mum feels like she always misses out on the best sellers on the food menu, why not make her day by delivering a Happy Way cult favourite in a vegan version. That’s right, the Ashy Bines Triple Choc Fudge comes in a vegan version. Buy it for mum and serve it up as a treat with this wickedly delicious Triple Choc Fudge PB smoothie. 


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 The OG Vegan Chocolate Flavour 

Ok listen up kids. This vegan cacao mint hemp flavour is so good that it has converted some of our biggest whey devotees. Don't let that 'whey protein powder' tag on the food container fool you because what they really have in their arsenal is this incredibly hard working and versatile hemp based protein. Buy it for mum and surprise her with this delicious chocolate overnight oats recipe. 


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For the busy bees and environmental warriors

For the mums on the run or those looking to pave a more sustainable future for their little ones, nothing says Happy Mother’s day like the gift of sustainability. A gift which not only makes mums life easier but is equally feel-good, we have you covered.  

Pink Matte Drink Bottle

Imagine being able to give mum the gift of health, radiant skin, convenience, style all the while giving Mother Nature a hug at the same time. Sound like a big ask? Not at all we say because our stainless steel matte drink bottle delivers on all fronts. Encourage mum to drink more water, to ditch plastic water bottles and give her the ability to take her hot or cod drinks with her anywhere she goes. Pink, Black and White available. 


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Stainless Steel Tumbler

If your mum loves her smoothies and cold drinks but happens to carry them around in her re-used plastic cups, why not give her a more permanent solution to house her favourite drinks. The Happy Way stainless steel tumbler not only looks pretty but it’s set to become the hardest working gym partner your mum every had, keeping all those workout smoothies nice and cold during the morning commute and school run.


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