We’re always looking to grow and improve at Happy Way and we value honesty and transparency—with everyone from our team to our community. 

It’s for this reason that we want to give you the inside scoop on our new 1 kg vanilla and chocolate protein powders (in both whey and vegan varieties) and update you on a slight change in the ingredients and our reasons behind the change. Now, there’s no need to panic or be concerned that your all-time favourite flavour just ain’t gonna taste the same! The team at Happy Way HQ have all tried our new 1 kg bags, comparing them to our 500 g pouches, and each and every one of our team said that they taste exactly the same, if not better!

So, what are the changes we’ve made and why? Read on to find out.


In our new supersized protein powders, you will see that MCT oil powder and thaumatin has replaced coconut flour and stevia leaf which are both in our 500 g pouches—well, stevia leaf is still in there, although in much smaller quantities.

In the spirit of being honest, this was a mistake on our part during production. The wrong artwork was printed on our packaging with the potential ingredient list we were planning on rolling out later this year, not our current ingredient list with stevia leaf and coconut flour—oops, our bad!

So, in our eyes, we had 2 choices with how to move forward…

#1we could be upfront with our community about our mistake, and let the cat outta the bag early about our upgrade in ingredients, OR

#2we could scrap the newly printed 1 kg bags and have them reprinted with the current ingredient list, or throw out our current 500 g pouches and upgrade all sizes to the new ingredient list.

Choosing option 1 was a no brainer for us as discarding either the new 1 kg bags or our existing 500 g pouches would have created a heap of unnecessary waste, which would not have sat well with us nor aligned with our sustainability goals as a brand. It’s for this reason that we’ve decided to keep the 2 blends and once our existing 500 g pouches have sold through, we will transition them to the new ingredient list also, to align with the larger size. 

We hope this makes sense and you can appreciate our thought process and reasoning behind our decision. Although initially unintentional, this is in fact a positive change in the ingredients and one that we will potentially roll out into some of our other flavours over time—but we promise, this won’t sacrifice on the flavours you already know and love. Think of it as an upgrade in size and upgrade in ingredients!


MCTs are medium-chain triglycerides which are naturally occurring fatty acids that provide a tonne of health benefits. Most commonly sourced from coconuts, like coconut flour, the MCT oil we use is extracted from coconut oil and is combined with a carrier powder to make MCT oil powder. Being that it has a fast absorption rate, it provides the body with energy quickly, which is ideal for those that want to get the most out of their day! MCT oil has little to no flavour or smell, making it a great ingredient to mix with foods, drinks, or even to use in cooking. 

The reason why we chose to include MCT oil powder in our protein powder instead of coconut flour is that it provides greater levels of nutritional benefits that can be gained quickly. This is because the concentration of MCTs is much higher in MCT oil (contains 100% MCTs compared to 54% in coconut oil) therefore quicker to absorb. For a detailed list of benefits and further info on MCT oil powder, check out our blog ‘What Are MCTs & What Are The Benefits?’.

MCT oil powder is already in some of our existing flavours including our Ashy Bines Choc Caramel and Choc Coconut, plus our Caramel Biscuit and Chocolate Hazelnut protein powders. 


Thaumatin is a natural sweetener that’s used to add flavour to a variety of foods and drinks and is sourced from an African fruit called katemfe fruit. It’s considered a protein and not a carbohydrate like a lot of other sweeteners, and has a very concentrated level of sweetness—it’s 2000-3000 times sweeter than sugar, with only 4 calories per gram. Because of its potency, very little thaumatin needs to be added to foods or drinks to give it that sweet flavour. Thaumatin is often used to balance out flavours, and although its sweetness is rather strong, it does build gradually but doesn’t leave that lingering aftertaste the same way that stevia does. 

We’re using thaumatin in some of our products because it’s all-natural and delivers a sweet flavour whilst still providing nutritional benefits to the body. As mentioned above, thaumatin doesn’t have the same aftertaste that stevia has, and this was something that was noticed and preferred by the Happy Way team when they tried the new protein powders. 

You will find thaumatin in our Ashy Bines Choc Caramel and Choc Coconut flavours, as well as our Caramel Biscuit and Chocolate Hazelnut protein powders too.

For more information on thaumatin, check out our blog, ‘What Exactly Is Thaumatin?’.

We know you’ll love these big boys as much as we do, but if you do have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Customer Happiness Team via support@happyway.com.au

1kg bags launching soon! 

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