Part of our sustainability focus at Happy Way is giving back to our community and our planet, and one of our recent goals has been to collaborate with an organisation that not only aligns with our values but is committed to creating change and having a positive impact on the world we live in. 

It’s for this reason that we’ve chosen to partner with the Australian non-for-profit organisation, ReForest Now, helping them to restore the ecosystems of critically endangered rainforests in northern New South Wales, and to fight against the climate crisis and extinction of many rare and endangered species. 


About ReForest Now

ReForest Now was established in 2018 and was born out of a passion to rebuild one of Australia’s largest subtropical rainforests. The Big Scrub, located in northern NSW, was once home to an extensive array of species and covered 75,000 hectares of land—think bigger than Singapore! Over the years, more than 99% of this beautiful ecosystem has been cleared, leaving small, scattered patches of rainforest and over 120 endangered species, with many more at risk to become extinct. 

At ReForest Now, the team of scientists, bush regenerators and nursery people, work together with partners, landholders and individuals across the globe, to see the quick and effective restoration of a rainforest at threat. 

ReForest Now nursery

In the ReForest Now nursery, the team grows over 80,000 rainforest trees and plants every year, with over 100 different species, establishing genetic diversity and protection of those on the verge of extinction.

Working with landholders of various sites, the team then spends time preparing and planning for constructive tree planting, ensuring that once the trees are in the earth, that regular monitoring and maintenance occur until the trees are self-sufficient and well on their way in their development. 


ReForest Now

When we discovered ReForest Now and learned of the fantastic work they’re doing for Mother Nature, we knew we wanted to be involved. We want to have an impact and help fight the climate crisis that our planet is currently facing, and being that we connect and align with the vision and mission of the ReForest Now team, we felt there was no better fit for us at Happy Way.

So, as of July 2022 and moving forward, the Happy Way team will be making monthly donations to ReForest Now, supporting them in the restoration of The Big Scrub and getting more trees in the ground. With as little as $5, a rainforest tree is planted in Australia, and we want to contribute and be a part of the solution.

ReForest Now team

One thing we love about ReForest Now is their transparency and reporting on the outcomes achieved through the work they do and the funding they receive. We look forward to seeing how our contribution at Happy Way makes a difference and we will be sharing these updates with our community moving forward. 

We hope you join us in celebrating this fantastic new partnership with ReForest Now—we’re super proud to be involved! Keep an eye out on both our website and social media platforms for the latest on our collaboration with the ReForest Now team and stay tuned for some exciting news on how you too can be a part of the solution and support ReForest Now and Mother Nature when you shop with us at Happy Way!

For further information on ways you can get involved with ReForest Now, check out their website.

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