Protein is essential for the repair and maintenance of tissues in the body such as skin, hair, bones and muscle as protein is made up of amino acids, in which 9 of these acids must be consumed through protein as the body is unable to produce them itself.

Protein can also have positive effects on weight loss, helping you feel fuller for longer by reducing the levels of the hunger hormone. This can lead to a natural direction of weight loss due to reduction in food intake and increase in burnt calories by 20-35%. So, if you’re looking to start a high protein diet, or you’re struggling to maintain it on an optimal level, see our 5 simple ways of managing a high protein diet and integrating it into your lifestyle.

1. Calculate your recommended protein intake 

The dietary reference intake for protein is 0.8 grams per kilogram, however experts believe that a higher intake may be necessary for maintaining muscle mass and optimal health. This number is the minimum your body needs, so, if you’re trying to maintain a high protein diet, you need to understand the recommended dietary allowance for your body needs. For sedentary adults, multiplying their weight by 0.8 will provide an accurate amount of how much protein they need, but for adults who train regularly or have a more active lifestyle, they may need 1.4 or 1.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. 

2. Keep a food diary

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It’s important to keep track of how much protein you’re having per meal so that you don’t consume too much or too little. Mobile apps and websites such as provide a nutrition analysis of the food you’re consuming, displaying the nutrient details of foods and how much protein, calories, iron, fibre, sugar and other macronutrients you’ve absorbed on a daily basis. This way you’re up to date with how you’re diet is going and you’re aware if you’ve met the recommended daily intake. 

3. Choose high protein foods at meals

Adding high protein foods to your meal can help to tame your hunger levels and manage your appetite. It’s important to maintain a healthy balance and not to overload on simply protein, everything in moderation is essential. The key to ensuring you choose healthy high protein foods is to include a range of different types in your diet.

Some really great sources of protein are fish, poultry, tofu, nuts and seeds, dairy products, beans, and soy products. 

Protein type

Protein content


6 g per 1 large egg

Cottage Cheese

14g per 1/2-cup serving


23 g per 3-oz. Serving

Yellowfin Tuna

25 g per 3-oz. serving

Ground beef

25 g per 3-oz. serving

Chicken breast

24 g per 3-oz. serving


12 g per 3-oz. serving


8 g per 1/2-cup serving

Mixed Nuts

6 g per 2-oz. serving

4. Eat well balanced meals

When maintaining a high protein diet it is essential that you still absorb other nutrients from plant-based foods as well. You need to make sure your diet is balanced to achieve your fitness or weight goals, too much of one thing and not enough of others may do more harm than good. So, keep up the fruit and veggies! You can keep up to date with the latest high protein recipes all made with Happy Way’s protein powder range.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Balls

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These mini choc peanut butter protein balls are the perfect snack to keep you fuller for longer during the day. Have a bite for morning tea or afternoon tea to stop you snacking on junk throughout the day.


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Made with Vegan Peanut Butter Protein Powder

Blueberry Protein Cheesecake

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This delicious snack is the perfect bite size treat for all! Packed with protein, raw cashews and fresh blueberries, cheesecake’s never been healthier. Have some fun in the kitchen making these goodies and even more fun devouring them.



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Made with Like a Vegan Vanilla Flavour Protein Powder

5. Make protein powder part of your routine

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Protein powder is always a saviour if you’re struggling to absorb your daily protein intake or if you’re wanting to boost your diet and maximise your protein consumption. Happy Way’s got all the goods to keep you feeling and looking your best. We know how important a well-balanced diet is and how crucial a high protein diet can be for weight loss and building muscle strength, so we offer protein powders for all occasions. 

Happy Way Protein Powders

Our protein powders are packed with organic sources of protein. With an average of 21g of protein per 30g serve you’re bound to maintain a high protein diet and benefit your health and fitness journey. Happy Way’s organic whey and vegan protein powders are packed with clean ingredients and are bursting with nutrients and antioxidants. Shop online and receive free shipping to Australia and New Zealand when you spend over $100!


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